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Photographer / Copyright: Peter Terry
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Date added to site:18/02/22
Details: The on-street sections of the Croydon tram network seem to require a lot of maintenance, judging by the numbers of times I have been sent photos. The area around Reeves Corner and underneath the flyover has some very tight curves and is often being attended to. The service through central Croydon was suspended again during the half-term week in February 2022 and on the 14th Peter photographed Renault Kangoo Maxi van 8660R parked on the track below the flyover, along with several contractors' vehicles. Note the TWS and TPS labels on the seats. These are identifiers normally worn as arm-bands by staff with particular responsibilities. They stand for Tramway Worksite Supervisor and Tramway Possession Supervisor respectively. A Possession is the term used for when a section of track has its tram (or train) service suspended and is fully under the control of the engineers. Peter sent some more photos taken later in the week but these will be held over until the next batch.
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