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These webpages will be removed on 1st August 2016. See news page for more info.
Trainz Tutorials
The creation of custom content for Trainz is by no means a simple task. Perhaps the best way to learn the various techniques is to work through some of the many tutorials available.

I have in preparation a number of tutorials covering the production of wagons and road vehicles. For now though, the links below will take you to some of the best tutorials on the internet. There are many other sites with tutorials on so, if you find one that you think is particularly useful, let me know and I will add a link.

World of Trainz tutorials
This site is probably the best for tutorials, and there are a wide range covering almost every subject conceivable. One I found particularly useful describes the processes involved in making an industry-enabled coal wagon.

Ianz Trainz
Another collection of tutorials (along with some pretty cool content projects), highlights include guides to making vehicles, windows and art files.

Gary's Trainz Pages
More tutorials here, including making simple textured buildings, and adding night lighting effects.

Trainz Learning Centre
This is the tutorials section on the main Trainz website, although many of those listed can actually be found on the other sites here.

Trainz Objectz
The Bank tutorial on this site is often quoted as being the best introduction to modelling and texturing. Although the subject is a building, much of the content relates to rolling stock as well. There is also a tutorial on how to make trees.

44090 Digital Models
This site has a set of tutorial files that cover rolling stock construction, from the basics of setting up g-max to advanced topics such as valve gear animation and specialised texturing.

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