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Main Details
Number range:150000-150001 in series Wagons - BR Air-braked
Quantity in batch:2
Quantity in database:
Origin:New Build
At:BR, Ashford
Type:10t 2-axle Low Platform Wagon (Outer)
Type group:W (Wagon)
Note added Wed 26/05/2021 by Thomas Young
Category: Classification/Coding
These wagons were formed into a single 5-wagon set along with inner wagons 150002-150004. Under TOPS the outer wagons were initially coded as FGA-C to design code FG001A but were soon changed to FZA, further details not known. This was presumably to differentiate them from the Freightliner wagons. The Lowliners appear to have been withdrawn quite early.
Source: BR diagrams books on BMRG website

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Item added: 12:00 on 01/01/2020 by Thomas Young
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