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Rail Data > Data > Numbers > Number List > 200631 in series Wagons - BR Air-braked
Main data
Number: 200631
Series: Wagons - BR Air-braked
Date on: 1974
Date off:
Status: P (Extant, Un-registered, Preserved)
Batch details
200550-200649 - 45t Vanfit, built 1974 by BR, Shildon
Renumbering details
No renumbering recorded.
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Note added Fri 18/06/2021 by Thomas Young
Category: Preservation/Post-BR Use
Sold to MoD and renumbered as WGB4306. Later preserved, first at GCRN, then at Darley Dale. Sold to UKRL at Leicester 14/09/2018. Re-sold back into preservation 20/11/2020 and moved to Chasewater Railway 01/04/2021. Currently still in Army green but planned to be restored to BR Railfreight livery.
Source: Info from new owner

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