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Title:Britain's Railway Wagons & other rolling stock Review image
Author:Paul Bartlett
Summary:An amazing collection of photos covering almost every type of wagon (and other rolling stock) to be seen over the past 50 years.
Review:Often cited as the best collection of wagon images on the internet, Paul Bartlett has so far added over 28,000 photos. What really sets this site apart is the breadth of the subject matter. The photos mainly date from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, although there are some recent ones too. Almost every wagon type is covered, and more are being added all the time. Most photos are taken in yards or sidings and, although reproduced a little small, are nearly always clear and sharp. Paul also goes to a lot of trouble to label each picture with the date, location and wagon details.
Reviewed:08/09/2015 by Thomas Young (Comments made by others can appear in the notes section towards the bottom of this page)
Sample pages:(Click on any image to view full-sized in a new window)
Page image The index page for the wagon galleries. There are usually several layers of 'nesting'.
Page image Individual gallery pages have varying amounts of background information.
Page image Some of the photos are smaller than the normal screen size, and all have a copyright watermark when viewed (following earlier issues with image theft). Most are well captioned though, and originals can be purchased for download.
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