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Possible 'Potential' SVs
Sun 04/06/06, 13:30
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Back in November last year, I posted a Forum entry under 'Hires & Loans', regarding the reporting of vehicles which may, or may not be SVs. It was suggested that an initial Forum entry be posted to see what transpired. It now seems there could be many such Forum entries.
One of the vehicles which prompted me to ask was VO51WDW, which I saw in Oct '05, & which is still being seen at Aldgate, as evidenced by its photo there, being posted 3rd June. The photo is not yet linked to a vehicle rcord, suggesting that its status is still unclear.
I always log 'potential' SVs, as I am sure do all other regular contributors. Two such I have noted have been KJ03DXF & KD05PGX, seen at Acton in Feb & March of this year respectively, & both now, very recently having entries in their own right.
Is there some means by which any such vehicle records can be created within a listing of say 'Potentials', which could then be converted to full status as further info comes to light ? It would mean that all such information was held centrally, & available to all us ''listers'' !
I know that 'Hires' are also being considered for recording - can the two even be lumped into one grouping ?
Any one else, Tom especially, any thoughts on the subject ? John, in Leeds.

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Including UNKs in the database
Tue 06/06/06, 11:26
Thanks for the ideas. I am doing some tinkering this week and I'll post more details in a couple of days. Tom. In London. At work :(