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DLR - Seco SV's
Wed 10/10/07, 20:01
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From a passing Docklands Light Railway train, I noticed that Seco, who operate the DLR have a number of service vehicles at their Poplar depot. These included several vans and a black PCV with an LT style roundel on it. However, I see that Seco vehicles are not listed on here. This rather surprised me, as the DLR has always been shown on LT maps, and the vehicles used to carry LT syle signage. So, I was wondering, has anyone got any fleetlists/ photo's of DLR /Seco SV's? Did the DLR ever own any ex- LT service vehicles? Finally would anyone like to see these vehicles listed on this site? London spotter

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Sun 08/03/09, 02:01
Apologies, I thought I had already replied to this! The DLR did use LT SVs for its first few years. These included vehicles in livery (such as 3337F and 3499F) and some anonymous ones (eg 3658F). Put 'DLR' in the 'Search for text' box on the fleet data page and you will get a list of 10 vehicles. There may have been more. As for more recently, I do not recall seeing any road vehicles that could be regarded as being DLR related. If any does have any reports, please either reply here or e-mail me. Cheers. Tom

DLR Seco SV's
Mon 02/03/09, 19:58
I am reliably informed the partner with the DLR is indeed SERCO. This features on all the publicity materials. Seco is therefore incorrect.

Re: DLR - Seco SV's
Wed 25/02/09, 20:38
just a small point, should Seco not read Serco?