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2007 Christmas Greetings
Mon 24/12/07, 18:39
2 Replies
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Tom, Ming, and Alanna. Also to all of you involved in the never ending search for the elusive SV. Hopefully I'll get to meet the few remaining members I have yet to see and renew acquaintances with the others through 2008. My best wishes to you all! Ray

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And a Nappy New Year!
Wed 02/01/08, 23:20
Thanks for the messages. And as for the 'few remaining members I have yet to see', there are in fact 117 members registered on LTSVplus. Admittedly a couple seem to have registered more than once but it seems there are more of 'us' out there than initially thought. Perhaps I will try and arrange another social or day-out soon. Cheers. Tom.

More Greetings
Mon 24/12/07, 21:27
The same from me to all the members. I do hope to be in London late Feb/early March, so should see some of you then. Happy Christmas. John