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London Dial-a-Ride vehicles
Tue 11/11/08, 08:13
2 Replies
I have been asked if I can help with compiling a fleetlist of the new Dial-a-Ride buses. These are red VW minibuses numbered in the D70xx range, with a reported 300 on order. I would also appreciate any info on the earlier D5xx series of silver Mercedes minibuses. Cheers.

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Hired vehicles
Tue 18/11/08, 17:05
The question of LEZ compliance may be true as I have seen a couple of hired vehicles with 'Dial-A-Ride' roundel stickers running in SE London.

Sat 15/11/08, 00:40
I have recently posted the following elsewhere: ''Not sure if this is of interest to anyone, but a friend has been making up a fleetlist of London Dial a Ride vehicles based on his own obserations. It seems likely that many, including most of the M- and N- registered vehicles, have left the fleet.'' Anecdotal evidence suggests that the smaller silver vehicles do not fully comply with the Low Emissions Zone regulations and are to be taken out of use very soon. They may be borderline being ''cars'' in one sense of the word, but ''buses'' in their use. (Of course, none of this may be true)