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Siku Mercedes Sprinter van 1/76 scale
Sun 19/06/11, 13:50
3 Replies
I have just obtained two examples of the above, a van and a minibus. They are to exact 1/76 scale and will stand alongside the CMNL version without any noticeable differences except that they do however represent the SWB variant. In some areas it is cruder than the CMNL model, the interior and wheels in particular but these can be upgraded/replaced. The Mercedes star does not appear on the grill neither does any indication of the prototype manufacturer probably due to not obtaining permission from Mercedes. In fact it is possibly a copy of the CMNL modified to the shorter version.

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Siku Mercedes Sprinter van 1/76
Wed 29/06/11, 11:27
Using the CMNL model as a guide and some satin black paint a great improvement to the Siku Model can be made. The parts to be painted are the bonnet vents just below the windscreen, the backs of the door mirrors, the rubbing boards along the sides and the number plate light cover. I have obtained a CMNL IRU model quite cheaply because some one had made a mess of removing the markings. I am going to try using the interior and the wheels on the Siku model, I am also going to try fitting the glazing from the CMNL model.
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Siku Sprinter
Sat 25/06/11, 21:36
I bought one of these a while ago and was surprised by its similarity to the CMN version. It looks quite presentable with a few mods.
Before (with a CMN version for comparison)
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Found a pic of the new van model
Sat 25/06/11, 00:11
Thanks to Phillip for this info. I found some pics of the model on Flickr. It is certainly the right length for an IRU. However it would be real tough to match the paint/lettering finish on the CMNL model!