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When I print a page it misses bits off
Sat 24/09/05, 18:03
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Most of the pages on this site are designed for viewing on screen. Therefore, when you print them out, you might get sections cut off, as well as having items which are of no use (e.g. links and buttons). To get around this, I have included printer-friendly versions of the most useful pages. At present these are the view picture page and the fleetlist page, links to which should be apparent.
Note that when you print the fleetlist, you get just the batch that is shown. Therefore if you have displayed items 201 to 300 of 799, that is what you will get. Also note that these pages open in a new window and have just a close button. You will then be returned to the screen version. The picture index page prints OK as it is.
Please reply to this message if you want any other pages converted to be printer-friendly.

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