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Stratford Market Depot open house
Fri 30/08/13, 09:53
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This year's Openhouse events include tours of the Jubilee Line depot at Stratford Market. Tours are on Saturday 21st September and must be prebooked at Stratford Market is of course home to a large number of service vehicles so this will no doubt be of interest to visitors to this site. However, it is not yet clear which areas of the depot will be covered. Also, rather unfortunately, the event falls on the same day as the triple garage open day at Metrobus.
Note: Posting edited by Thomas Young, 30/08/13, 09:54.

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Stratford Market Depot
Mon 23/09/13, 23:29
For those who missed the event there are plenty of photos on Flickr, some with staff posing, some with visitors posing.

Stratford Market Depot open house
Mon 23/09/13, 11:01
The event at Stratford Market Depot was very interesting. As part of the Openhouse weekend, guided tours of the Jubilee Line depot were offered, covering most of the inside of the main train shed. The knowledgeable guides pointed out items of interest and were able to answer most of the many questions that visitors asked. We were given close up views of a newly refurbished bogie, and the ingenious detraining steps built into the front doors of the trains. My main reason for going on the tour was the hope of seeing some of the large number of service vehicles based here. However, the tour did not cover the main vehicle yard, and the large skills centre building meant that it was never visible. As such, only about a dozen SVs were seen, of which only one or two could be photographed. In any case, we were advised that photos taken on the day had to be for personal use only and must not be published on websites or elsewhere.