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Where is 'Works'?
Sun 05/01/14, 18:26
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Up to about mid-1960, the Variation Sheets and Advice Books explicitly named Aldenham as the place where most new SVs were delivered to, and where a lot of them went prior to disposal. However, from then on, most entries in both documents annoyingly show only 'Works'. In some cases, later entries for a particular vehicle show that Works was in fact Aldenham, but for the rest I am playing it safe and putting the allocation as 'Works'. Does anyone know for certain whether 'Works' relates to just Aldenham? Or for that matter, why the change was made?

A related question that may yet be answered as I work through the documents is this: When did new SV deliveries stop going to Aldenham?

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Maybe 'Works' meant either Chiswick or Aldenham
Mon 20/01/14, 01:55
My work with the variation sheets has now reached spring 1968 and a resolution of the 'Works' issue is still not at hand. I had believed that Works was used to represent one of either Aldenham or Chiswick but now I am thinking that perhaps it did actually mean either. Here are a couple of examples. In the first three cases, Works seems to mean Chiswick, while in the fourth it is Aldenham.
Canteen tractor unit 700B was photographed at Chiswick Works on 01/05/1967, the day it was shown as being Transferred and Delicensed, Southall to Works.
Car ALM810B was transferred to Chiswick RSI on 18/12/1967. The next day it was shown as being delicensed to Works. Note that this was not 'Transferred and delicensed'.
Uniform issue units 1465W to 1468W were licensed to the Stores Superintendent on 01/10/1967 but the location is given as Works.
Utilabrake 1152F was allocated to Aldenham with the Works & Building Engineer. On 01/01/1968 it was listed as delicensed at Works (again, not Transferred and delicensed).

By the way, there does seem to be a marked decline in the number of service vehicle entries in the variation sheets from mid-1967. For example, the first 3 months of 1968 contain only 10 entries. Whether this relates to less detailed record-keeping, or a more stable fleet, is not yet known.

A few more
Mon 13/01/14, 07:41
You could add Charlton, Fulwell, West Ham, and Effra Road, and even go back to 'tramways' works if you wish to make the list complete.

Fri 10/01/14, 14:25
Was it not this era when what we now know as Stamford Brook (a.k.a. Chiswick Tram Shed) became the service vehicle ''works'' for a period? CDS moved into the old traffic office at Chiswick Tram Shed in 1958. By 20th July 1966 the BEA fleet had moved into Chiswick Tram Shed which became CB. From sometime before 1949 until sometime after 1963 Chiswick Tram Shed is referred to in L.T. directories as ''Chiswick Coach Factory'' which is a bit of a works isn't it? Does that tie in with the right dates or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Note: Reply edited by Damon, 10/01/14, 18:26.

Aldenham again
Thu 09/01/14, 15:20
Just to clarify, this question is about the use of Aldenham for service vehicles after 1960. The early days are covered here. My progress through the documents has now reached May 1962, and is currently passing through a phase where the name Aldenham did reappear for most new and redundant vehicles. Though this might support the theory that 'Works' does equal Aldenham, I am continuing to input the records (almost) exactly as they appear. Exceptions are cases such as a vehicle being delivered to 'Works' but the next entry showing it as being licensed 'ex Aldenham', or withdrawn to 'Works' then sold 'ex Aldenham' (or vice versa). For these, the 'Works' entries will be set to Aldenham.

''Works'' we know
Mon 06/01/14, 20:59
Thinking of Works we know....
Chiswick Bus Works
Aldenham Bus Works
Parsons Green Works
Acton Works
North Road Coachworks
Seagrave Road Coachworks
Olaf Street Coachworks

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Sun 05/01/14, 21:20
After the end of its war use in 1945 Aldenham was first adapted for bus use in 1949. This actually just BEFORE the decision was made to abandon the Bushey extension of the Northern Line. From what I can tell it then became the receiving point for all new road vehicles