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Topic: Vehicle history curios, queries and mysteries

DASM (Distribution & Advertising Service Manager)
Mon 20/01/14, 01:55
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This department name first appeared on 13/06/1967, when a large number of publicity vans were listed as being transferred to it from the Publicity Officer. I have entered these as changes of department name, rather than transfers. However, the DASM acronym then appears against various other vehicles, including several tippers delicensed in spring 1968. Perhaps (as its name implies) DASM was a merging of CDS and Publicity. Hopefully things will become clear as I progress.

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DASM (Distribution & Advertising Service Manager)
Mon 20/01/14, 14:00
I should have checked my sources on this one. According to the excellent Rennie/Aldridge SV book, CDS (Central Distribution Services) became DS in 1967, then soon afterwards changed again to DASM when it took over the responsibility for the posting of adverts. The latter service was separated out again during the 1970s, after which the department became known as Distribution Services (or DSM for Distribution Services Manager).