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Topic: Vehicle history curios, queries and mysteries

Tram Depot
Sat 01/03/14, 23:36
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I have today started work on the 1939-1948 Advice Book, and almost straight away hit another location query. Various vehicles are shown as being at 'Tram Depot', most of them elderly lorries marked as Reserve. Transfers are mainly between there and 'Chiswick'. I am going to assume that 'Tram Depot' is the location now known as Stamford Brook Garage.

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Tram Depot
Wed 11/05/16, 15:24
Yes, I agree. In ploughing through correspondence of the late Burrows Brothers, when delivered to East Ham Library in 1970s, I came across comments from some of the well known, and missed, transport enthusiasts of 1938 about the future of the preserved buses at Chiswick Works and whether with war looming they were to be moved to the Cricket Pavilion as the Works would be a target!!! Coupled with this from internal LPTB sources was that a short list was made of trams to be preserved which could be accommodated in Chiswick Tram Depot. The inference was that this was a better place for the buses than a pavilion! LPTB finally selected Type HD 290 from the twelve trams at West Ham depot retained for the 'dog run' but offered a Type H car for sale. Pity LPTB did not offer the buyer storage for it in the ''Tram Depot'' and we could well have saved one of these ex-MET cars. Alas, I was only born in November of that year so could not help!
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