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Topic: Vehicle history curios, queries and mysteries

Wed 12/06/19, 19:19
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This vehicle is described on this site and in LOTS Supplement 15 as a Stores Lorry. This makes sense as it was based at Garages for its early life and carried Trade Plates. However, LOTS Supplement 15B describes the vehicle as an Open Lorry and I have a photo showing just that. It is not carrying Trade Plates and its cargo is train wheel and axle sets. These clues suggest the picture was taken when 448W was at Chiswick, 1956 to 1962. Interestingly the cab has not been modified and still carries torpedo side lights mounted at the front of the cab side panels. The body has a bolster frame at the front but the dropsides look as if they have been fixed over the original body - the panels are not flush, they protrude over the rear wheel arch and the hinge straps do not appear to be attached to any hinge pins. Can anyone shed any light please.

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Tue 19/05/20, 15:07
Tom has now posted the V.R.C for this lorry. You will note that a goods licence was applied when transferred to Chiswick 1/11/1956.