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Hired Transit at Aldgate
Mon 10/10/05, 11:22
6 Replies
Noted at Aldagte Bus Station, late afternoon 6th October 2005
White low-roof Ford Transit van regn LN05XRK.
Showed Ford Rentals & Dagenham Motors with their address & phone details on front & rear doors.
Had small apparently magnetic signs on side(s?) towards the rear
with red Buses roundel & ' Maintaining bus infrastructure ' logo

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Hired Transits at Aldgate
Sat 04/03/06, 00:32
There are still a couple of hired Transits at Aldgate, but some (or all) are actually used by the British Transport Police. For this location (and Victoria basement) I will only record hires if they are def in SV use, ie have LBSL staff, or labels, etc.

Still on hire
Fri 20/01/06, 16:53
YH05 VDZ still at Aldgate on 20/1/2006 and 10/02/2006
Note: Reply edited by Ray, 10/02/06, 14:12.

YH05VDZ still at Aldgate
Thu 05/01/06, 17:43
These hire vehicles are lasting a couple of months or more.

Guesswork and assumptions
Wed 09/11/05, 09:41
Hopefully this forum will encourage people to report sightings even if there is uncertainty. There is no such thing as wrong! I figured LN05XTT would be an SV as it was in the same livery as LN05XRK, which did carry LBSL labels. However, it could equally have been a contractors vehicle, several of which were also present. Also there were a pair of silver Y-reg Ford Galaxies. Who knows....

Hired Vehicles at Aldgate
Tue 08/11/05, 22:16
In view of Tom's post I can now add that LN05XTT was also at Aldgate on 6th October.
Nothing at that time, other than its presence, confirmed it was a Hired SV.
Shows how wrong one can be !

More Hired Transits at Aldgate
Tue 08/11/05, 13:21
LN05XRK was at Aldgate again today, along with high-roof van YH05VDZ (plain white) and mid-height minibus LN05XTT (Ford Rentals & Dagenham Motors on white).