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Future developments on LTSVplus
Sat 15/10/05, 20:30
3 Replies
I have a number of ideas for improvements to this site which I am listing below in order of how useful I think they would be. Please get in touch if you think any of these should be prioritised, or if you have any further suggestions.
1. Add a 'latest change' field to the vehicle data so that visitors can see what the last edit changed.
2. Backfilling of allocation histories. Naturally this is a long-term project but a large amount of information is available.
3. Trade Plate cross-reference.
4. Pre-1939 numbers cross-reference.
5. Add histories and notes to location records. If anyone would like to contribute a paragraph or two about any location, please get in touch.
6. A cross-reference of published photos. There are a lot out there but they're quite thinly spread!
7. A function to find vehicle details by searching for a registration year letter (e.g. F prefix).
8. A function to find photographs by searching for a model (e.g. Escort).
9. A facility to add large numbers of sightings in one go.
10. Direct submission of photos and articles.
11. A search tool on the news pages.
12. Member to member messaging.

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Plans for 2007
Wed 31/01/07, 22:29
Although I have been keeping myself busy with other projects it would seem a good time to review how this web site is doing and what can be improved (and I am not talking about bringing in fire engines this time!).

The idea of listing published photographs has come up again and will be investigated.

Another suggestion was to have more on models. With this I think that articles are the best approach, perhaps with their own index page. (The only article I could do at the moment would be titled 'die-casts models that would be suitable for repainting as service vehicles if you had the time'!) There is no reason why photos of SV models should not be included in the main photograph database, with their own category.

An aide to finding service vehicles (i.e. a directory of locations, with maps) would probably still be of use to many and I have some work in progress.

One issue is the sheer number of sightings being reported. While this is generally a good thing it does mean that the sightings list for last year runs to 112 pages and finding specifics can be tricky. It would be useful to know how people want this to work. I would presume that you might want to see what was seen at a particular location. Options include increasing the page length to 100 records, allowing selection of month/year or just year, or the option to limit to sub-sets (eg CDS, Bus-co, etc).

I find the tiny icons alongside the fleetlists quite useful and attractive, but they may be a pain for people not on broadband. Would it be worth adding an option to members profiles to turn these off?

Historical info (eg allocation histories) is a worthwhile long-term aim but the immediate benefits compared to the amount of work required make this a low priority. Similarly trade-plates and pre-1939 numbers.

Any comments, or further suggestions?

Future Developments & Useful Ideas
Tue 08/11/05, 09:22
Tom, I agree with your idea of pageable options, & also as one living well away from London, & not visiting too often, I would welcome location notes. I am well aware that things can change almost instantly, but general notes on a location(s) would be useful. I enjoy the site ! Thanks

A further idea that might be useful
Sun 16/10/05, 15:51
Several pages on this site use buttons to allow you to view the next and previous batch of information or pictures. From tedious experience, it might be useful to provide clickable page numbers so that you can jump to the approximate section you want. I shall add this to the list of things to do as item 1 and a half!