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How Do We Deal with Vehicles which may be Hired or May be New ?
Tue 08/11/05, 22:07
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The Aldgate vehicle situation poses a bit of a problem. On 6th October I noted several vehicles in different locations, which may or may not, have been SVs
Should they be reported or not? If so where, & how ?

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Reporting vehicles of unconfirmed ownership
Wed 09/11/05, 09:32
I would suggest that you post a comment on the forum in the first place. Somebody may have more info. The way I distinguish between hired and un-numbered vehicles is whether they have any permanent livery or lettering applied. Most of the hired Transits have either Ford lettering, or London Buses magnetic stickers. Having said that, Y285EOB is an example of a hired-looking vehicle that official info reports as being leased.
I may in the near future start adding hired vehicles to the main vehicle data.