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Photographer / Copyright: Derek Everson
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Details: Mercedes-Benz Atego Rescue Tender 2600 poses for the camera outside the Emergency Response Unit base in Battersea on 1st June 2011. This location was opened in September 2009 to replace the one at Tideway Industrial Estate, Vauxhall (although pending addition of the new location to the database, this photo links back to the Vauxhall page). Located on Stewarts Road, visitors should note that the vehicles are usually kept inside with the doors closed. I have just noticed that it is only the five short-cabbed ERU trucks that have the two square fold-down hatches towards the top of the rear end. I don't know what their purpose is but they seem to have led to the fitting of grab handles further down.
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Kim RennieThe square plates are opened to access hoses used for pumping operations.
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