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Photographer / Copyright: Damon Cross
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Date added to site:11/07/12
Details: Another view of AEC Mercury tower wagon 89Q at Carlton Colville on 8th May 2012. No fewer than 8 former London Transport trolleybuses attended this event and, thanks to the East Anglian Transport Museum's overhead wiring system, were able to move under their own power. Two of the trolleys are seen in this view, although I will have to leave it to someone more knowledgable than me to say what types they are.
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DamonThe other Trolleybus is 260 (CUL 260).Thu 12/07/12, 20:23
Phillip WaltonThe trolleybus to the right is a Q1 class # 1812 a BUT dating from 1948. All I can say for certain about the other trolleybus is that it is an AEC (you can tell by the wheel hubs).Thu 12/07/12, 14:00