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Photographer / Copyright: Julian Bowden-Green
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Date added to site:01/06/21
Details: The other early long-wheelbase Ford Transit was 1542F, which was a very different-looking machine. Julian photographed it at the ticket machine works in Effra Road (Brixton) on 15th April 1977. As can be seen, it had the bonnet and windscreen of the standard Mk1 Transit, but everything beyond that appears to be coach-built. There are additional quarterlight windows, sliding cab doors that are taller and flatter than those on the standard van, and a rather slab-sided body with hinged doors in the rear. It appears that the body is of the 'walk-through' type, whereby there is access into the load-space from the cab. It could be called a 'laundry' body, or it could be an early design of what became the 'parcels' body (as seen on 1718F). Interestingly, Effra Road was allocated a parcels Transit from 1971, and also had another long-wheelbase van from 1977 (2024F, whose configuration is not known). 1542F was withdrawn in 1978, seemingly replaced by Bedford CF van 2117B.

Note that this photo was taken while the van was in a covered loading bay. If anyone has any photos that show the buildings at Effra Road I would be very interested to see them.
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