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Photographer / Copyright: Andrew Lidinson
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Date added to site:25/09/21
Details: An unexpected find by Andrew on 12th September 2021 was a pair of Nissan e-NV200 minibuses at Tower Transit's Lea Interchange Garage. He managed to photograph WM69GEJ through the fence, this accounting for the slight blurring at the bottom of this image. As can be seen, the vehicles are anonymous apart from a white 'Buses' roundel on the side. The electric-powered e-NV200 is more common as a van and has seen some use as a service vehicle in that form, most notably in LUL Incident Response Vehicle 8158N. These two are the first minibuses reported, although they could almost be classed as estate cars or MPVs. Not previously reported, it is not known how long these vehicles have been here. Both were first licensed in February 2020, though they had V5s issued in September/October 2020, suggesting a change of ownership at that time. Interestingly, Lea Interchange had previously used three Mercedes Vito minibuses in unmarked white, but all had been SORN (declared as being off the road) in mid-2020. Reports of the new Nissans in use would be welcomed.
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