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Scheduled Bus Position
Summary: These documents showed how many buses were scheduled for service on weekdays and weekends, broken down into type (eg Double-Deck Crew)
Coverage: Jan 1973 to Jan 1982 ?This indicates the dates of the documents in this collection. The document type may have also been issued at other dates. Also note that the dates given are for the complete collection. Some of the documents may have not yet been added to the website.
Detail: Scheduled Bus Position documents were issued every month or two and showed the number of buses scheduled to be in service on Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The quantities were further broken down to show the number crew double-decks, OMO double-decks and single-decks. Underneath the main table there was usually a section detailing some recent service alterations, showing how the scheduled total on each affected route had changed.

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