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BEL Advice of Vehicles Received/Despatched
Summary: These documents list the throughput of vehicles attended to by BEL (Bus Engineering Limited) at Aldenham and Chiswick
Coverage: 1986 to May 1989 ?This indicates the dates of the documents in this collection. The document type may have also been issued at other dates. Also note that the dates given are for the complete collection. Some of the documents may have not yet been added to the website.
Detail: Bus Engineering Limited was formed in 1985 to take over the running of Chiswick and Aldenham bus works, with a view to eventual privatisation. These documents are similar to earlier LT documents in that they detail the vehicles coming into and departing from the works (shown on separate sheets for the first year or so). There are two interesting aspects to them. Firstly, outside work was being sought and these vehicles are included. Examples were buses and coaches from NBC companies and local authorities, and commercial vehicles (lorries and vans) from a range of companies. Secondly, the nature of the work done on the vehicle was usually shown. An interesting example of this are service vehicles used by bus inspectors, many of these being shown as passing through BEL for the removal or fitting of roof roundels.

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