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Topic: Fire Brigade vehicles

Are you interested in London Fire Brigade vehicles?
Wed 03/01/07, 21:06
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I work fairly close to the Southwark training centre of the London Fire Brigade and sometimes see their vehicles in the area. As well as fire engines there are quite a few vans and cars, and also the chunky 'New Dimension' demountables. Every vehicle carries a fleetnumber with a class prefix, and most have a plate that shows the allocation. This is sounding somewhat familiar! Anyway, I went browsing the web and found a few sites on the subject but none that quite hit the mark. Most were primarily pictorial and made looking up particular details difficult, while a couple featured fleet lists but these were either in allocation or registration order, and were not quite up to date. There was very little about the support vehicles, or the earlier fleet, and none of the sites had any interactivity.

Therefore I was tinkering with the idea of covering the LFB fleet with an extension of my own web site, it being LTSV 'plus' after all! This could have a similar mix of customisable fleetlists (hopefully with some historical info), categorisable pictures, and user sightings and notes. What I would like to know is whether there is any interest in this idea from our community, or whether there is already a web site or forum somewhere that does it all. You can either reply to this posting or e-mail me as usual. For the time being though, if you have any LFB sightings or pictures, or happen to chance upon any while looking for service vehicles, I would be interested to hear from you.

As an aside, there is also an Ambulance HQ nearby at Waterloo, again with some interesting vehicles all of which also carry fleetnumbers!

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Sat 29/08/09, 18:29
i have some images of fire bridgade and ambulance vehicles so would be intrested if there was a section for those vehicles

No LFB on this site!
Sun 14/01/07, 19:43
Having also discussed this with a couple of regular site users, it appears that the general consensus is not to branch out into LFB vehicles. Actually it was unanimous! Although I had planned to make the new section quite separate, given the amount of free time I have had recently it might be best to concentrate on the original aims.

London Fire Brigade Vehicles
Thu 04/01/07, 10:46
From a purely personal point of view, Tom, I think this site is ideal as it stands. I accept the fact that it is LTSV ''plus'', but I think it hits the spot for just that - LTSV. On some of our trips I know we have discussed other support vehicles, but if this site was extended to Fire Vehicles, then what else ? It could become a repository for all company support vehicles, Post Office, Network Rail, Ambulance etc, & that to me would be a shame. If there is the need out there to cover other vehicles, commencing with Fire Brigade, & I believe there are books on that subject, then fine, but could they exist on a separate site of their own?
My opinion is keep this site for what it is, & does very well.I am sure your web expertise would produce a highly usable product again, but personally I would rather see it on its own site ! John in Leeds