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Topic: LT Leased 5000-5999

Registrations starting with K
Sat 24/03/07, 22:45
2 Replies
It is interesting to note the KJ07xxx series now being used for main fleet service vehicles as it seems that the majority of deliveries since the new registration format begun have started with K. The actual identifiers have usually been in quite distince ranges (eg KJ03 used DRV to DZA while KJ53 used UMC to URW). However, the KD56 and KG56 ranges do overlap. To keep us on our toes, we therefore have KD56RDO and KG56RDO, and both are identical vehicles apart from the lettering!

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Sat 01/03/08, 16:51
I saw both of these on Thursday at Lillie Bridge. KD (6017F) was at West Kensington while KG (6002F) was in the main yard.

More registration bits
Sun 09/09/07, 21:58
At least the KJ07 series kept itself to itself, using the range KPT to KYO (so far). But the KD07 and KH07 series are well mixed, all starting with a D. Confirmed duplicates to date are DNY (KD07DNY=6271F, KH07DNY=6335F) and DWZ (KD07DWZ=6190F, KH07DWZ=6214F). Take care when reporting!