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Topic: LT Leased 7000-7999

What will 7000 be?
Sat 26/09/09, 00:34
4 Replies
Right, just for fun, what do you reckon fleetnumber 7000 will appear on, and when? Given that 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 were all Ford Transits, I'm going to go for..... a Volkswagen Caddy.... delivered in Feb 2010? Five LTSV points (exchangeable for pints on demand) for the nearest answers on type and date.

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Wed 20/04/11, 23:50
In the early hours of 20/4/11 LBSL IRU 7000M WU11OGV was to be found at Finsbury Park. Mind you, it drove off almost immediately so whether it is allocated there is another matter...

Will it be 7000M?
Fri 18/02/11, 23:45
Given that 6996-6998 have now appeared as new IRUs, of which there could be a sizeable batch, I think it is highly likely we will see a 7000M at a bus station somewhere in the next few weeks. This will be exactly a year later than I predicted.

Wed 30/09/09, 17:13
Having done the research, there was no 1000. 2000S was a Seddon tanker and 3000, 4000, 5000 & 6000 were all Ford Transits so my money's on another Seddon. It'll be painted in Deutcshe-Bahn (did I spell that right?) livery after they buy the London Underground next month and will be delivered on the 1st April next year for Boris Johnson's birthday.

Vehicle 7000
Sat 26/09/09, 11:58
I suspect that by October 2010 a Sell Dongfeng Lotus Van Truck will carry the number 7000S. Logos carried will be for 'Metrocrashed' showing a pannier tank with £5bn in notes in the bunker disappearing into a tunnel. Should I win I would like to donate my points to Nelson Piquet Jnr. A further prediction: the registration will be LN.60LLO! I feel sorry for the driver of 7001 who will, no doubt, get comments about driving his 7001 (TOOL) and how big it is to handle etc.
Note: Reply edited by Ray, 28/09/09, 21:56.