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Bus and Railway data
Fri 15/02/13, 00:08
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It's a bit off-topic but I would like to mention 2 impressive websites that may be of interest. Both use live data feeds from transport providers but in way which makes them very useful for enthusiasts. I should also add that neither site works in Internet Explorer 8. Mozilla seems to be OK.

The London Vehicle Finder ( is a very simple-looking site. You can type in a location, a bus route number or a bus registration number and it will give you a load of current and recent information. LOTS are evidently making good use of this source.

OpenTrainTimes ( combines railway Working Timetable data with live train-running information. Most interesting are the route diagrams, which show real-time train locations and signal states in much the same way as a signaller would see them. The North London line is my favourite. For stations not yet covered by these, you can select a date/time for any location and see what trains run. What sets this apart from sites like National Rail Enquiries is that non-passenger train paths are included. Be aware that the information is based on timing points. So, for example, several freight trains run through Abbey Wood but this is not a timing point for them. Selecting a train you can view a map showing its timing points. Some are interesting, such as the Westbourne Park to Northfleet Crossrail spoil trains, which cross over themselves twice.

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