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Emergency Incident Vehicle
Mon 30/03/15, 00:05
3 Replies
Noted a LU livery medium wheelbase Ford Transit at Camden Town (Sunday 29/03/15) with ''Emergency Incident Vehicle'' lettering on both sides and red/yellow chevrons on rear doors, Standard blue skirt. Not in any way similar to ERU marked vehicles, didn't get reg or fleet no when passing sadly and not seen similar marked before - any one have more??

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Emergency Incident Vehicle
Tue 31/03/15, 04:09
Many thanks, red and white battenburg not present on the one noted,but all other details as per your replies.

Emergency Incident Vehicle
Mon 30/03/15, 01:42
I agree this sounds like 7529F. This has LUL wh/blu/red livery with an additional waist stripe of red/white checks plus red/yellow chevrons on the rear. It also has a rear ladder (but no roof rack) and a very small light-bar near the back of the roof.

Emergency Incident Vehicle
Mon 30/03/15, 00:20
Sounds like 7529F LT62TVU, often to be seen parked by the railway line at Acton, Frank Pick House. There is a photo on the site of the vehicle since it was repainted into this livery.
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