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Purley Tram Depot
Wed 11/05/16, 15:33
4 Replies
Thanks, Ray, for the response. I will write the dates in my copy of ''Tramways of Croydon'' (second edition.
Note: Posting edited by Colin Withey, 10/02/17, 15:14.

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Purley Tram Depot
Thu 02/06/16, 12:55
I have looked into the various record cards and it would seem Croydon (T) refers to Purley rather than Thornton Heath (which is shown as another allocation). The CRD unit was at Purley from 7/9/48 to 29/11/49. As both tractors (one replaced the other) were apparently unlicensed it would seem they were used for tram movement prior to breaking. Not living (in the area) at that time I cannot confirm, but P.W. staff are shown in another of my books as being based at Purley around this time. What 'transport' they used was not stated.

Purley Tram Depot
Wed 25/05/16, 17:55
Ray, I have never heard of Thornton Heath tram depot or bus garage referred to as Croydon Tram Depot in the days I resided nearby (1939-1963) nor from my neighbour who worked from there and Telford Avenue. Certainly that was the formal name LPTB gave to Aurelia Road tram depot when reopened for the transfer of Cohen's scrapping operations from Brixton Hill depot in 1935 (when needed for Telford Avenue operations when that depot had to be altered to take the Felthams). However, as both tractors were also allocated to Charlton CRD and Purley was transformed into a CRD annex during the period shown then 'Croydon Tram Depot' in this context must have been Purley.

Purley Tram Depot
Wed 25/05/16, 14:11
Both the tractors 467X and 627X are shown as allocated to 'Croydon Tram Depot' which probably means Thornton Heath (as now is)

Purley Tram Depot
Wed 25/05/16, 10:24
As there seems to be no way of retrieving my original post that did not get saved then please this as the original one! Purley was never a permanent way depot as the title states. It may have been used for overnight stays in a secure location. An operational tram depot until September, 1937, it became a tram scrapyard from November 1937 with the transfer of Cohens from Croydon Tram Depot. Ex-MET trams were the last to be scrapped before WW2 caused it to become a wartime store (did open operationally for one week). Scrapping of cars there recommenced in 1945 and when finished the depot was reopened as an annex to Charlton CRD to overcome the backlog of work after the war. With the reconstruction of South Croydon garage and the impending Thornton Heath depot conversion, Purley was considered as a Bus Maintenance Depot for both. I had seen the plans of what was never to be. With the scrapping of five Felthams there in December,1949, the following New Year's Day saw it reopened as an operational depot until the end of the 16/18/42 services in April, 1951. The depot was sold to Henry Streeter as an HGV depot. Thus I recommend that the title shown be changed to ''Purley Tram Depot''.