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Possible Metrobus Transit at Eltham
Fri 03/03/06, 15:28
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Whilst speaking to the Metrobus crew of their newish Ford Galaxy GU05 HNA, at Eltham on 23.02.06, they referred to another vehicle with them. I took this to be a white Transit T219PBP, & photographed it. I have so far been unable to locate this as an S/V, & of course unable to re-confirm with the crew that this was their vehicle. The Galaxy is based at Polhill, as I believe was the Transit. Perhaps if anyone - Ray maybe - is around that area, or Eltham Bus Station, & sees anything of this vehicle, then perhaps they could confirm its status ? When I saw it is was fitted with roof bars & carrying ladders. Cheers. John in Leeds
Note: Posting edited by John Lloyd-Martin, 05/03/06, 23:00.

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Metrobus Galaxy at Eltham
Sun 05/03/06, 23:03
I have removed the serial number incorrecly shown by me as 9001 for this sv. 9001 should of course have related to the Transit Connect, GY53CYJ - my mistake, & thanks Ray ! John L-M.

Metrobus SVs
Sat 04/03/06, 10:57
Ray - thanks for the list. The crew didn't appear inebriated ! They definitely had a second vehicle with them, referred to as ''the one behind'' & that was the T-reg Transit. I did not see anything else remotely resembling a service vehicle. Perhaps they bought a cheapy secondhand ? John

Sat 04/03/06, 09:18
The following are shown as at 7th January
Ford Transit 7 seat minibus
8001 GV53 RHU (MB) 8002 GV53 RHY (MB) 8003 GV53 RHZ (PH) 8004 GV53 RJJ (MB) 8005 GV53 RJO (MB)
8006 GV53 RJX (PH) 8007 GV53 RJY (PH) 8007 GV43 RJY (PH) 8009 GV53 RKF (PH) 8010 GV53 MDX (GD)
8011 GP53 CPY (GD) 8012 GP53 COJ (GD) 8013 GP53 CLV (GD) 8014 GP53 RBX (CY) 8015 AM03 AGU (CY)
Mercedes Vito Minibus
8016 RK05 OFZ (GD)
Ford Galaxy car
8914 GU54 BJY (PH) 8915 GU05 HKO (PH) 8916 GU05 HNA (PH)
Ford Focus car
8918 GU53 SZV (PH) 8919 GP05 EJA (PH) 8921 GY55 OMA (GD)
Peugeot 206 car
8922 GR04 BPU (C)
Ford Connect Controllers Van
9001 GY53 CYJ (GD) 9002 GY53 CZF (MB) 9003 GU53 MKJ (PH) 9004 GU53MHY (CY) 9005 GY53 CZH (CY)
Peugeot Boxer Engineering Van
9006 CK05 KNV (LR)
For Transit Engineers Van
9011 GY53 CYH (CY) 9012 GY53 CYP (GD) 9013 GY53 CZR (MB) 9015 EF52 OOC (PH) 9016 EX03 WVZ (C)
Ford Transit Stores Flatbed Van
9014 EJ54 RVE (LR)
Usual codes - LR = Lagoon Road

Metrobus Galaxies
Sat 04/03/06, 00:22
Strange title... Anyway, I thought I had seen a note about the Galaxies with Metrobus but I cant track it down now. If Ray or anyone has the details, please forward to me (or post them here) and I will get the details logged. I will start with GU05HNA anyway. Cheers.

Transit at Eltham
Fri 03/03/06, 22:25
John - will keep my eyes open. Your comments however throw another worm into the can!
GU05HNA is a Ford galaxy but should be fleet number 8916 (based at PH). 9001 should be Ford Connect reg GY53CYJ.
I can't see any SV being earlier than 2003; were your friendly crew drunk?