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RayPhoto of Ongar, High Street garage can be viewed at LT Museum 1998/75568Sat 18/09/2021, 14:31
RayHitchin, Queen Street garage can be viewed on LT Museum website photo 1999/7163Sat 18/09/2021, 14:28
RayBrixton Hill (BH) garage on Waterworks Road is still extant. It was used by LGCS and LPTB as a central area Green Line garage for private hire work.Tue 07/07/2020, 20:57
RayMorden Station Garage. This held a GTP which, on 1/1/1948, was changed from 039XO to 974GC. Photo at and at also and 04/07/2020, 17:48
RayNewtons Garage, Verney Road, Bermondsey was the garage of A.H. Raper (Standard) home to GH8874 a 15.7hp Crossley car plus some buses.Tue 09/06/2020, 18:40
RayNorth Road - In 1888 the London General Omnibus Company took a lease on a plot of land adjacent to the Caledonian Market in North Road, Lower Holloway to construct a production line factory to build and repair horse-drawn omnibuses and it continued to be used as a repair depot for buses until the 1950s.Mon 11/05/2020, 12:26
RayA list of miscellaneous buildings can be found at 03/05/2020, 15:54
RayCrayford (CR). On London Road. Photo at and at 03/05/2020, 11:53
RayFarm Lane, SW6 The building was built in 1880 by the London Road Car Company as their depot. The Company was one of the largest proprietors of horse-drawn buses in London. The building was also one of the largest and finest horse stables in London and contained two-storey stables that were ranged around a quadrangle, where 700 horses lived in about 1890. The LGOC took over the premises in 1909, and left in 1923. The 1946 Bomb Damage Map shows the building on the Site suffered minor blast damage, probably as a result of a V1 Flying Bomb which landed to the east of the site during 1944. The 1971 Ordnance Survey map shows the building was used as a 'Catering Depot'. Sat 21/03/2020, 15:56
RayLeysfield Road, Hammersmith ex Premier. Entrance at junction with Greenside Road still exists. Offices were at 2 Leysfield RoadWed 18/03/2020, 20:46
RayPhoto of Southall AEC (Green Line) garage can be viewed on LT Museum website 1998/18479Thu 07/11/2019, 18:29
RayPhoto of Ware garage (Park Road) can be viewed on LT Museum website photo collection 1998/78958Tue 05/11/2019, 20:56
RayWaltham Abbey garage (National) can be viewed on LT Museum website photo collection 1998/80917Tue 05/11/2019, 20:53
RayWeybridge Garage, Thames Street. Photo can be viewed on LT Museum website photo collection 1998/87160 Also at 05/11/2019, 20:50
RayCamden Town garage can be viewed at 1998/89419. LT Museum photo collectionSun 22/09/2019, 18:55
RayLangley Road garage can be viewed at 1998/47675 and others. LT Museum photo collectionSun 22/09/2019, 18:52
RayAlpha Street garage can be viewed at 1998/78946 1998/78950 and others. LT Museum photo collectionSun 22/09/2019, 18:50
RayBath Road garage can be viewed at 2004/14471 and others. LT Museum photo collectionSun 22/09/2019, 18:49
RayMetroline opened a garage (SG) on 27th July 2019 at Spring Grove Road, Lampton as an outstation of Brentford (AH).Sun 21/07/2019, 18:43
RayHE: Heathrow (Arriva) Coach Travel Centre, Bedfont Road, Stanwell opened 31/5/2014 closed after traffic 8/12/2017. Controlled by Dartford when opened but latterly by Garston. Route (E10) novated to London United (HH garage)Sun 05/11/2017, 13:30
RayArriva, Milton Keynes: Units 3-4, Arden Park, Old Wolverton Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5RNSat 03/10/2015, 16:25
RayThere were three garages in Slough. SL - SLOUGH Langley Road (ex-LGOC then to LGCS) closed 2/8/1937. uncoded - SLOUGH Alpha Street, leased until 24/6/1937 and SU - SLOUGH, Bath Road (ex-Premier) which closed 15/12/1936. Mon 04/05/2015, 11:35
RayAQ code for Camden Town, Rochester Mews, NW1 (British Automobile Traction). Originally opened 30/11/1905 as a horse bus depot by the Associated Omnibus Co. Closed 16/9/1933Mon 04/05/2015, 11:28
RayThe East Ham Corporation tramways depot was opened for services to start on 22nd June 1901. It was closed shortly after takeover by the LPTB on 1/7/1933 and sited behind the Town Hall on Nelson Street. There had been some 'joint running' agreements with the L.C.C. prior to this.Sun 03/05/2015, 21:32

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