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Location details
Name:Bromley Garage
Type:Bus Garage
Dates:1924 - current
Stats and links
Current allocation: 1
All vehicles allocated: 24 *
Sightings logged: 50
Photos at location: 13
Previous location: Brockley Hill Farm 
Next location: Buckhurst Hill Station 
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RayPlumstead was home to the last RT's (TB & TL had the last in service in SE London). The SMS were not experimental only the livery, similar to Bow's DMS's. As the FS & Bristols on the B1 pass my door I would not say they were famous or, indeed, the DMS (although I agree with Damon). As for the RFs on the 227 I shall be driving one tomorrow (8/7/07). Even the brick roundel is not unique!Sat 07/07/2007, 16:19
DamonFAMOUS as home to South London's last RT's (along with Catford) which took me to school on the 94 up until August 1978. Also the longest continuously RT worked route (1948-1978). Also notable for the brick built roundel that forms part of the wall around the late 70's open parking area built for the mass arrival of Leyland Nationals in 1979 and saw off my beloved DMS's. Also housed crew RF's for the 227, SMS's with an experimental livery to highlght the split entrance arrangement (as modelled by Britbus), FS minibuses and later BS and BL single decks. A garage of distinction in my humble opinion.Sat 07/07/2007, 15:31
RaySited at 111 Hastings Road (01-462 1193) the yard opposite has gradually been extended over the years. Famous for virtually nothing after the Tillings buses departed (except some Almex A ticket machines trialled by conductors for a few months).Sat 07/07/2007, 13:11

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