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Location details
Name:Lillie Bridge Depot
Type:Railway Depot
Dates:1906 - current
NotesPermanent Way depot 
Stats and links
Current allocation: 72
All vehicles allocated: 617 *
Sightings logged: 4822
Photos at location: 144
Previous location: Leytonstone Station 
Next location: Limehouse Sub-station 
* Quantities may not be accurate pending completion of the history inputting project

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Comments could include historical notes, advice on how to find the location, or personal recollections.
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DamonSignal Overhaul Shop Railways by 1949 until ??Sat 14/12/2013, 19:20
Thomas YoungFor a photo of the yard at Lillie Bridge in 1969 (before Ashfield House blocked the view), take a look at Quite a few SVs are visible, including a Land Rover and a pannier. There are a few other photos of interest in the same gallery.Sun 30/05/2010, 23:21
Thomas YoungFor an aerial photograph of this location from Google Maps please click here. The small yard at the Lillie Road entrance can be seen here.Sun 27/01/2008, 15:32
Thomas YoungYou can also see the railway shed from West Cromwell Road but these appear little used recently. The south entrance to Lillie Bridge is actually an exit, and is right on the opposite side of the exhibition centre. Next to the Empress State Building (ah, police again), there is a bus turning point, and a gated roadway dissappearing under the exhibition centre. This is busy at night and it can be fun watching them virtually queuing up to get out. Finally, accessed from here is a small car park alongside the West London line. May be visible from buses on Lillie Road/Old Brompton Road, or trains between West Brompton and Kensington Olympia. The best way to see Lillie Bridge is using Google Maps or Local Live!Mon 03/09/2007, 23:54
Thomas YoungAnother tricky location. Turn left outside West Kensington Station, then first left onto Beaumont Avenue. There is a road entrance into Lillie Bridge at the end. But also look left to see the low level yard next to the platform at West Ken (good for 3-4 SVs). Of the main Lillie Bridge, many SVs will be visible and some can be IDd if you have lens. How far along the access road you venture depends on how many staff are around. Alternatively, turn right from the station, then first right onto West Cromwell Road (A4). This rises and turns away but many SVs will be glimpsable, particularly in the gaps beyond the monolith that is thingy house (forgot the name, big cream building that totally ruins the view). Again, binoculars or zoom required to ID.Mon 03/09/2007, 23:50
RayLillie Bridge Steam Shed 01-385 2171 (no answer these days). Entrances on Lillie Road, now closed, by West Brompton Stn. and on Beaumont Avenue (by West Kensington Station) which also lead past West Kensington Station Yard. The 'caverns' were visible by looking over the bridge adjacent to the entrance to Earls Court 2 and by train between West Brompton & Olympia.Sat 07/07/2007, 13:01

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