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About the LTSV-RRV website
What is LTSV-RRV?
LTSV-RRV is a website to detail the various road vehicles used by UK railway companies over the past century. I built the site in 2021 as a means of making available a large amount of data on such vehicles that had been collated by Merfyn Jones (with help from John Harrington and others - see FAQs).

What are Railway Company Road Vehicles?
Most railway companies also operate a fleet of road vehicles. In the past these have included lorries, vans and buses for the onward movement of goods and passengers. Today, most road vehicles are involved in either the operating of trains or the maintaining of track and infrastructure.
You can make this website better!
Information on road vehicles operated by railway-related companies is not generally made available by the companies involved. Certain 'archive' documents have been used to provide data on older vehicles. However, there are still gaps. For much of the information (particularly on newer vehicles), we will be relying on reports of sightings made by contributors.

Any information would be welcomed and appreciated and you can use the 'Contact Us' page on this website (link at the bottom of the page) or you can e-mail me at tom 'at' ltsv.com. Alternatively you could register for an account here. This will allow you to post sightings or notes about any listed vehicle and to report vehicles that are not yet listed.

Photographs of railway company road vehicles would also be welcomed, though we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used. Photos can be e-mailed to tom 'at' ltsv.com, and please remember to include information about when and where the photo was taken.
Other LTSV websites
LTSV-RRV is one of four websites I have created for transport enthusiasts. The others are:
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For more information, or to visit any of these sites, click on the links above, or head to my 'portal' page by clicking on the LTSV logo in the top left corner of any page here.