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LTSV Wagons provides an overview of British rail freight vehicles in the TOPS (post-1974) era.
BPA Boplate wagon
Intended to complement the growing number of photo-based websites, most of the information contained is collated from a wide variety of published sources dating back to the mid-1980s.
JGA and HTV hoppers plus BAA steel carrier
The profiles section contains articles on selected types of wagons, and these will be added to at regular intervals. The profiles will include basic details such as builders and dates, numbering and key dimensions. They will also outline (where possible) the traffics and geographic areas that the types were active in, the liveries carried, and any subsequent changes or modifications they underwent.
VAA vanPHA box wagon
The reference section contains many pages of data including an overview of the numbering schemes (with lists of all known batches in most series) and the various codes used in relation to wagons (TOPS codes, fishkinds, owner codes, diagram numbers, design codes and lots). This section will be kept up to date with any new information.
Redland SDTJGA hopper
A recent addition is a gallery of my own wagon photographs. A few date from the 1980s, but most have been taken over the past few years and feature many of the wagon types that can be seen in London. It is hoped to add further types over time. Links to several other (better!) photo websites can be found in the Resources section. On some of the profile pages, thumbnail photographs have been used (with permission) to illustrate particular wagon types or variants. In most cases, these act as links to the other website.
Not back on-track yet but I have added an analysis of the size of the current UK wagon fleet. This is, for some reason, on the news page.

An interim news update has been added, covering the Lewisham derailment, some comments on local freight workings, and an update on why there have been no site updates!

193 more photos now added.

Another set of 54 new photos has been uploaded, covering three trains seen in London last week. Photo count is now at 3198.

23 more photos just added, all of MBA box wagons, plus three book reviews.

A whopping batch of 344 new photos has just been added, all taken over the past three years. There is also another news update, but the other items are still being worked on.

A lengthy news update has been added (complete with photos) to cover events of the past year. Other items are still pending

22 new photos have been added, all of them taken earlier today. Also see the news page for details of some forthcoming updates.

News covering the last few months has been added, as has a new page detailing the 'European' numbering system.

138 new photos have been added. See news page for more details and for some upcoming developments.

4 new profiles have been added, one other has been updated, as have numerous data pages. See news page for more details.

83 more photos added. See news page for more details.

265 photos added. See news page for more details.

Another news round-up, together with updates to several data pages and the Cartic-4 profile.

Another batch of 249 photos added, plus news and various reference pages updated.

Profiles screenshot
Detailed articles on selected types of wagon.

Photos screenshot
A collection of my wagon photos, mostly taken in London over the past few years.

Reference screenshot
Tabulated data on numbering, codes, etc.

Resources screenshot
Lists of other web sites and publications, plus downloads.

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