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Build Details: Converted 1996/97/2007 by Marcroft Engineering/W H Davis
Numbering: CAIB3063-3080, BSSP4020-4076/4091-4099, VTG4100-4109
Bogies / Suspension: BSC Axle Motion
Dimensions: LOB: approx 12500mm. Bogie Centers: 7010mm
Published Drawings:
Areas of operation: South Wales, Midlands, North East
Main liveries: green/silver, blue, silver
Summary: During the 1990s a number of comparatively young bogie iron-ore tippler wagons became surplus and were converted to covered steel carriers. The conversions were to two different designs though both featured three-piece telescopic sliding hoods.

History: NB: This is a brief profile. It will eventually be upgraded to the standard of later profiles, with more detailed information.

In late 1996 a total of 56 former Ravenscraig tipplers were rebuilt by Marcroft Engineering at Stoke for use by British Steel's Strip Products division between Shotton and Llanwern. The source wagons were a mixture of inner and outer wagons but all gained conventional drawgear at each end. New numbers BSSP4020-4076 (for wagons with new type drawgear) and BSSP4091-4099 (old type drawgear) were allocated, these following from a fleet of tube wagons withdrawn in 1986 (BSCO4000-4019). The steel hood featured angled cove panels and flat tops, and was painted in British Steel blue with the logo and Strip Products lettering on the largest hood section. By 2003 many of the wagons were appearing with silver hoods (new or repainted?), the framing and end panels remaining in blue. At about the same time the TOPS ownership prefix was changed to VTG and the logo of this company was applied in black on the hood sides.

A second batch was converted from late 1997, again by Marcroft Engineering, but with alloy hoods to a very different design. Converted from the PR26801-26850 batch of JTA/JUAs formerly used by ARC, all the source wagons were of the inner type, so new drawgear was fitted at each end. The hoods, which were much lighter than the steel ones fitted to the earlier batch, had curved tops and a distinctive colour scheme of silver with the framing and ends in light green. Numbers CAIB3063-3080 were assigned to the 18 wagons, these following from an earlier batch of covered steel carriers (PDUF3008-3062). Initial use was carrying imported steel from Boston Docks to Round Oak.

In late 2007, a third batch of wagons started appearing from W H Davis. Numbered VTG4100-4109 and to design code JA050A, these were all former JUAs (inner wagons). Further details of this batch is awaited.



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CAIB3078 at Newport, 30th August 2005.
Martyn Read

VTG4037 at Newport, 30th August 2005.
Martyn Read

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