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Since the demise of Fotopic, Flickr has emerged as the most popular hosting service for railway enthusiast's on-line photograph collections. This is slightly bad news for me, since Flickr only rarely seems to work on my PC. The methods of organising and sorting galleries within Flickr collections is rather variable, with some being better than others. For now, I have added just one Flickr site to the list below, this being Huw Millington's excellent collection of 1980s wagon photographs.

There are alternatives to Flickr, such as SmugMug and Zenfolio, and luckily three of the best (in my opinion) photograph collections are now hosted there. These are listed first below.

If you encounter any dead links, or have suggestions for other sites to include, please get in touch.

Britain's Railway Wagons & other rolling stock
Undisputably the best collection of wagon images on the internet, Paul Bartlett has so far added over 28,000 photos. What really sets this site apart is the breadth of the subject matter. The photos mainly date from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, although there are some recent ones too. Almost every wagon type is covered, and more are being added all the time. Most photos are taken in yards or sidings and, although reproduced a little small, are nearly always clear and sharp. Paul also goes to a lot of trouble to label each picture with the date, location and wagon details.

UK Rail Rollingstock - Wagon and On Track Plant images Galleries
Martyn Read's website shows the fruits of much travelling around the network over the past few years. The 14,000 wagon photographs are helpfully arranged into collections based on the TOPS coding and most of the pictures are large and clear, despite many being taken of moving trains. What may be lacking in variety (types withdrawn more than a few years ago are not generally featured) is more than compensated for by quantity. Almost 300 pictures of MTA ballast wagons may not be to everybody's taste but they will no doubt be useful to modellers as well as those looking into the minutiae of design codes and variations. There are also further galleries covering locos, coaches and multiple units.

Another large and well-organised site, this one containing about 10,000 wagon photos, plus more filed under detail shots (plus locos, coaches, MUs, etc). There is also a growing collection of european train images. The associated blog is also worth a look. As well as highlighting recently added photos, this also contains wagon data and news.

Rail Photography by Andrew Wills
Another SmugMug collection, again containing some well-organised wagon galleries as well as many other types of UK trains.

80's Rail
As the name suggests, Dennis Taylor's photographs were mainly taken between 1984 and 1989. Most rolling stock is covered, including 1,024 photographs of wagons. All the images are black and white and are watermarked, but are very interesting nonetheless.

Wagons on the Web
WotW, run by Gareth Bayer, was one of the first wagon websites to appear, and remains among the best. In recent years the focus has moved to American rolling stock, but there are over 3,000 UK wagon photos.

Huw Millington's Wagons collections on Flickr
I was very pleased to see Huw's photos back on line, an earlier website having been closed down. Most of the pictures were taken during the 1980s and most are of private owner wagons, including many types no longer with us. The flickr layout takes a bit of getting used to but offers a lot of options.

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