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Bit of a rubbish name for a menu section, but I couldn't think of anything better! Here you will find content that does not really belong under any of the other headings.
Still under development, these articles give current and historical background to particular aspects of UK rolling stock, such as numbering and classification. An initial set of 14 articles is being prepared, though I have lots of ideas for other subjects to cover when time permits.
The profiles each cover one type of rolling stock and are carried over from the earlier website. Because of this, most of the profiles are to do with wagons, but some coverage of locos, coaches and multiple units will be added in due course. At present there are 62 profiles, ranging from brief overviews to detailed studies of the subject's history.
This section has reviews of books and magazines that are of related interest. Each review includes a few sample page images and some cover a series of related books. Because of this, the number of actual items covered is somewhat more than the total indicated.
The forum is intended for any comments or discussion that do not relate to a particular item in the database (for which see Notes). Users can add their own postings.
Notes are the main means by which extra information can be added against any existing item (number, class, design, batch etc) in the database. Notes can also be viewed on the detail pages for the relevant item.
These are links to other websites that may be of interest and are divided into two areas: Photo Galleries and Other Websites.
Side view graphics of many items of rolling stock are used throughout this website. This page shows all of the icons in one place.
It had been intended to provide a page where content from this website could be downloaded. However, it turns out that it is more practical to add links from the relevant pages. Note that not all sections have had downloadable versions added yet.