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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - M: Mineral Wagons (excluding hoppers)
Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
MAA 1993-2000 Open Mineral Wagon 392000-392004 Ex MAB. To MHA
MAB 1989-1993 Open Mineral Wagon 392000-392004 Rebodied HAAs
MBA 1999-current Bogie Open Mineral Wagon 500001-500300  
MCA 2000-current Bogie Open Wagon (Reduced Height - Outer) 500201-500240 Ex MBA
MCO   16t Open Mineral Wagon Various  
MCV -1991 16t Open Mineral Wagon Various  
MDA 2000-current Bogie Open Wagon (Reduced Height - Inner) 500241-500300 Ex MBA
MDO 1974-1988 21t Open Mineral Wagon Various  
MDV 1974-1993 21t Open Mineral Wagon Various  
MDW 1986-1992 21t Open Mineral Wagon    
MEA 1990-current Open Mineral Wagon 391000~391698 Rebodied HEAs
MEB 1988- Open Mineral Wagon   Un-rebodied HEAs
MEO 1974-c.1983 24.5t Open Mineral Wagon B28xxxx/B29xxxx  
MFA (1) 1976-198x Scrap Metal Wagon 390000-390001 To ZRA
MFA (2) 2000-current Open Mineral Wagon (Reduced Height) 391000~391698 Ex MEA
MFB 1988-1991 Open Scrap Metal Wagon 390000-390001 Ex ZRA
MGA 1992-1996 Open Mineral Wagon (with Canvas Top Cover) 360821 Ex RNA(MEB(HEA)).To MEA
MGV 2000-2002 Open Mineral Wagon 973xxx Recoded ZCV Clams
MHA (1) 1993* Open Mineral Wagon 470xxx Intended for SSAs modified for coal traffic. Not used
MHA (2) 1997-current Open Mineral Wagon 394xxx/396xxx Rebodied HAAs
MJA 2003-current Bogie Open Wagon (Twin Set) 502001-502060  
MKA 1994-current Open Mineral Wagon 39xxxx Ex ZKA
MLA (1) 2001 Open Mineral Wagon (with Canvas Top Cover) 390192 Ex ZKA
MLA (2) 2006-current Bogie Open Wagon 503001~503604  
MOA 2003-current Bogie Open Wagon 500301-500350  
MRA 2003-current Bogie Side-Tipping Ballast Wagon 501001-501400  
MSA 2004-current Scrap Metal Hopper 397000~397013 Ex HAA
MSO 1974-c.1984 27t Iron Ore Tippler B380000~B389089  
MSV 1974-c.2001 27t Iron Ore Tippler B380000~B389089  
MSW 1983-1987 27t Iron Ore Tippler B385723/388835/  
MTA 1998-current Open Mineral Wagon 395xxx Ex TTA etc
MTV 1974-1990 24t Open Sand Wagon B390000-390149 Built on tank wagon underframes
MVA 2015-current Bogie Open Wagon 910164 Rebodied BBA
MXA 2015-current Bogie Open Wagon 950321 Rebodied BDA
MXV 1981-1989 16t Open Mineral Wagon Various With Push Brakes

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