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BR Wagon Numbers - Railway-owned B/DB Series - Part 1 - Part 2
The table below lists all known B and DB-prefixed number ranges. The details are generally those at the time of building/conversion. A more detailed list (including builders, lots and diagram numbers) can be found in Volume 1 of the BR Wagons Numerical History published by HB Publications in 2007.

Part 1 covers the number range B3002 to B894299.

Range Build Years Original Type Notes
B3002-B6415 ?? 16t Mineral Wagon Ex Ministry of War Transport
B6431-B8715 ?? 16t Mineral Wagon Ex Ministry of War Transport
B8816-B9565 ?? 16t Mineral Wagon Ex Ministry of War Transport
B9567-B10460 ?? 16t Mineral Wagon Ex Ministry of War Transport
B10465-B11850 ?? 16t Mineral Wagon Ex Ministry of War Transport
B11863-B12750 ?? 16t Mineral Wagon Ex Ministry of War Transport
B13001-B63000 ?? 16t Mineral Wagon Ex Ministry of War Transport
B64000-B69199 1950-1951 16t Mineral Wagon  
B69600-B189866 1950-1958 16t Mineral Wagon  
B190000-B198891 1950 16t Mineral Wagon Ex France
B199000-B199307 1950 16t Mineral Wagon Ex France
B200000-B202499 1950 21t Mineral Wagon  
B203000-B213197 1953-1955 16t Mineral Wagon  
B213201-B245858 1954-1959 16t Mineral Wagon  
B246609-B260308 1956-1959 16t Mineral Wagon  
B260609-B262608 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B262909-B263158 1958 16t Mineral Wagon  
B264209-B265158 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B265209-B265708 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B266209-B267008 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B267209-B268708 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B271209-B272208 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B273209-B279658 1956-1959 16t Mineral Wagon  
B280000-B283394 1953-1962 24.5t Mineral Wagon  
B290000-B290485 1977-1978* 21t Mineral Wagon * rebodies. With some gaps in series
B310000-B311949 1961 21t Mineral Wagon  
B312000-B314999 1962 21t Mineral Wagon  
B315000-B317599 1971-1972* 21t Mineral Wagon * rebodies
B333000-B338262 1953-1964 24.5t Coal Hopper  
B340000-B340924 1977-1978* HTV 25t Coal Hopper * Rebodies. With gaps
B345000-B346468 1977-1978* HTO 25t Coal Hopper * Rebodies. With gaps
B350000-B355796 1964-1969 26/32t Coal Hopper Wagon Later to air-braked series without prefix
B380000-B389089 1951-1960 27t Ironstone Tippler  
B390000-B390149 1975* 24t Open Sand Wagon * rebodied PO tank wagons
B400000-B402899 1949-1951 13t Coal Hopper  
B410000-B422749 1949-1957 21t Coal Hopper  
B423050-B429049 1957 21t Coal Hopper  
B429350-B433749 1958 21t Coal Hopper  
B435000-B437899 1949-1957 22/24/33.5t Ironstone Hopper  
B438000-B440049 1955-1959 24/25.5t Ironstone Hopper  
B445000-B445419 1949-1956 25/33t Ironstone Hopper  
B446000-B446029 1951 56t Bogie Iron Ore Hopper Side Discharge
B447000-B449199 1949-1958 20t Coke Hopper  
B450000-B453449 1950-1957 13t Lowfit 13t Pig Iron Wagon
B455500-B455579 1962-1963 15t Open Timber Wagon  
B456000-B456349 1956-1957 Match Wagon  
B457100-B457596 1949-1950 13t Medium Open Wagon 3-plank
B457597-B461596 1951-1952 13t Medium Open Wagon Steel bodied
B461597-B462686 1954-1959 13/16t Pallet Brick Wagon  
B462707-B463036 1959-1961 16t Pallet Brick Wagon  
B474800-B474824 1949 13t Shock Absorbing Open Wagon For Glass Traffic
B475000-B484149 1949-1957 13t High Open Wagon Some with Sheet Support Rail
B484150-B484199 1957 12t Pipe Wagon  
B484750-B490749 1951-1953 13t High Open Wagon  
B491700-B497169 1953-1955 13t High Open Wagon  
B497620-B499019 1953-1954 13t High Open Wagon  
B500xxx   Various ferry wagons Duplicate numbers issued. Details to follow.
B502000-B507549 1958 13t Conflat A  
B510000-B510049 1964 24t Container Flat  
B511000-B511022 1966-1967 25t Container Flat Later to air-braked series without prefix
RDB511023 ? Experimental Container Flat Also known as HSFV-1
B530000-B530738 1958-1961 14t Conflat L  
B531000-B531017 1974* 38t Conflat C * Ex Rectanks
B540001-B540002 1962 Experimental Low Goods Wagon  
B540901-B540907 1962 Adaptor wagon for Ro-Railer  
B550000-B551449 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B551600-B552949 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B553000-B555749 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B556050-B557599 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B557750-B559749 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B560200-B594749 1956-1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B595150-B595699 1957 16t Mineral Wagon  
B596000-B596393 1975-1978* 16t Mineral Wagon * Ex Palbricks
B601001-B601493 1963-1969 Freightliner Container Flat (outer) Later to air-braked series without prefix
B601999 1966 Freightliner Container Flat Later to air-braked series without prefix
B602001-B602951 1963-1969 Freightliner Container Flat (inner) Later to air-braked series without prefix
B700000-B710249 1955-1958 11/12/13t Conflat A  
B710250-B710255 1960 Experimental Long Wagon Included Double Bolster, Plate and Car Flats
B715000-B715039 1954/1956 21t Ferry High Open Wagon  
B720000-B724973 1948-1956 13t Shock Absorbing High Open Wagon  
B724974 ?? Experimental Vehicle  
B724975-B726124 1957-1959 13t Shock Absorbing High Open Wagon  
B726125-B726224 1962 12t Shock Absorbing High Open Wagon Shocroof A
B726225-B726524 1962-1963 20t Shock Absorbing High Open Wagon Shochood B
B730000-B733459 1949-1961 20/22t Tube Wagon  
B733500-B734559 1955-1957 14t Conflat L  
B734560-B734848 1958 13t Conflat A  
B734849 ? 24t Container Flat  
B735000-B737999 1950-1958 12/13t Conflat A  
B738000-B738054 1952-1954 21t Conflat LD  
B738500-B738942 1953-1956 14t Conflat L  
B739000-B739999 1954 12t Conflat A  
B740000-B741449 1949-1955 12/13t Pipe Wagon  
B741500-B741949 1956-1961 12t Pipe Wagon  
B743000-B743874 1954-1960 13t China Clay Wagon  
B744000-B744599 1953-1954 20t Pig Iron Wagon  
B744620-B744759 1956 30t Hot Pig Iron Wagon  
B744780-B744879 1958 20t Pig Iron Wagon  
B745000-B745302 1968-1975* 10t Bogie Carflat A * Ex Coach underframes
B745500-B745579 1952 13t Soda Ash Wagon  
B745600-B745986 1964-1967* 10t Bogie Carflat A * Ex Coach underframes
B746000-B746849 1950-1957 13t Open Sand Wagon  
B747000-B747149 1954 25t Anhydrite Hopper  
B747500-B747999 1957 27t Iron Ore Tippler  
B748000-B748109 1949-1957 12t Open Carriage Truck Carfit A
B748110-B748149 1955-1956 20t Open Carriage Truck Carfit C
B748150-B748427 1959* 10t Bogie Carflat A * Ex Coach underframes
B748428-B748460 1960* 10t Bogie Carflat P Conflat BP / * Ex Coach underframes
B748461-B748492 1963-1965* 10t Bogie Carflat A * Ex Coach underframes
B748500-B748502 1950 13t Brick Wagon  
B748503-B748793 1959-1967* 10t Bogie Carflat A * Ex Coach underframes
B748800-B748830 1951-1955 Chassis for Road Rail Tank  
B749000-B749001 1949 Demountable Beer Tank Wagon  
B749007-B749011 1949-1951 Demountable Beer Tank Wagon  
B749014/B749017 1949/1951 Demountable Beer Tank Wagon  
B749021-B749070 1949-1955 Demountable Beer Tank Wagon  
B749100-B749101 1949 Beer Tank Wagon  
B749200-B749203 1949-1950 Demountable Cider Tank Wagon  
B749250 1951 Demountable Rum Tank Wagon  
B749300-B749314 1949-1961 40t Bogie Latex Tank Wagon  
B749350 1952 6-wheel Cable Compound Tank Wagon  
B749370 1953 20t Cement Tank Wagon Broken up 1954
B749400-B749417 1950-1952 Demountable Sodium Silicate Tank Wagon  
B749450 1958 20t Prestwin Powder Wagon Became B873770
B749500 1949* 6-wheel Demountable Paint & Varnish Tank Wagon * Rebuild of GWR Siphon built 1904
B749600-B749609 1950-1951 Ethylene Oxide Tank Wagon  
B749650-B749679 1951-1953 20t Class A Tank Wagon  
B749750-B749751 1954 20t Class B Tank Wagon  
B749900-B749909 1954 20t LPG Tank Wagon  
B749910 1967 Corrosive Liquids Tank Wagon  
B750000-B754429 1949-1950 12t Van/Vanfit  
B754430-B755179 1950 12t Fruit Van  
B755180-B761343 1951-1952 12t Vanfit  
B761344-B761379 1952 12t Pallet Van  
B761380-B763279 1952-1954 12t Vanfit  
B763280 1955 20t Pallet Van  
B763281-B769900 1952-1955 12t Vanfit  
B769901-B770150 1955-1956 12t Pallet Van  
B770151-B772950 1956 12t Vanfit  
B772951-B773250 1956 12t Pallet Van  
B773251-B773350 1957 12t End-Door Vanfit  
B773351-B775449 1957 12t Vanfit  
B775450 1957 12t Pallet Vanfit With Roller Shutters
B775451-B776150 1957 12t Vanfit  
B776151-B776550 1957 12t Pallet Vanfit  
B776551-B778200 1957-1958 12t Vanfit  
B778251-B778750 1958 12t Vanfit  
B778751-B779050 1959 12t Pallet Vanfit  
B779551-B779850 1958 12t Pallet Vanfit  
B779851-B780550 1958 12t Shock-Absorbing Vanfit  
B780551-B781750 1958 12t Vanfit  
B781751 1961 14t Pallet Vanfit  
B781752-B782273 1960 12t Pallet Vanfit  
B782274-B782523 1960 12t Pallet Vanfit Sliding Doors
B782524-B782573 1961 10t Glass Bottle Pallet Vanfit  
B782574-B782853 1961 12t Pallet Vanfit  
B782854-B782872 1960 14t Pallet Vanfit  
B782873-B784766 1962 12t Vanfit  
B784767-B784772 ??? 12t Vanfit Appeared as B784285-B784290?
B784773-B786872 1961-1962 12t Vanfit  
GB786873-GB787022 1961 20t Ferry Van  
B787023-B787097 1962 22t Pallet Van  
GB787098-GB787347 1962 20t Ferry Van  
B787348-B787394 1962 22t Pallet Van  
B787395 1966 20t Vanfit (full length doors)  
B787396 1966 20t Vanfit (wide centre doors)  
B787397-B787478 1966 22t Pallet Van  
B787479 1966 22t Fertiliser Van  
B787480-B787729 1969 29t Van Built as 200000-200250
B840001-B840052 1962 11t Road Railer Van  
B850000-B850099 1949 12t Shock-Absorbing Van  
B850100-B854499 1950-1957 12t Shock-Absorbing Vanfit  
B854500-B854525 1958-1960 12t Shock-Absorbing Pallet Van  
B854526-B855100 1958-1959 12t Shock-Absorbing Vanfit  
B855101-B855150 1960 12t Shock-Absorbing Pallet Van  
B855551-B855765 1961 12t Shock-Absorbing Pallet Van  
B870000-B870149 1952 10t Meat Van  
B870500-B870589 1958 24t Covered Hopper  
B870590-B870629 1960 23t Calcium Carbide Twin Silo Powder Wagon  
B870630-B870879 1961-1962 24t Covered Hopper  
B872000-B872249 1952 10t Insulated Meat Van  
B873000-B873023 1960 20t Prestwin Powder Wagon  
B873024-B873193 1960 20t Presflo Cement Wagon  
B873194-B873199 1960 20t Prestwin Powder Wagon  
B873200-B873369 1961 20t Presflo Cement Wagon  
B873370-B873419 1961 20t Prestwin Powder Wagon  
B873420-B873719 1961 20t Presflo Cement Wagon  
B873720-B873770 1962 20t Prestwin Powder Wagon  
B873771-B873792 1964 17t Presflo Fly Ash Wagon  
B873793 1964 21t Presflo Fly Ash Wagon  
B873794-B873893 1964 22t Presflo Cement Wagon  
B873894-B873977 1964 21t Presflo Fly Ash Wagon  
B873978-B874185 1965-1968 CSA 21t Presflo Fly Ash Wagon  
B875000-B875849 1949-1957 12t Fruit Van  
B880000-B880279 1949-1950 10t Banana Van  
B880280-B881609 1951-1958 8t Banana Van  
B881610-B882637 1959-1960 12t Banana Van  
B884500-B884514 1957 20t Side-discharge Salt Wagon  
B885000-B885709 1949-1959 20t Grain Hopper  
B886000-B886966 1952-1960 24t Covered Hopper  
B887000-B887159 1953-1959 11t Gunpowder Van  
B887800-B888980 1953-1958 20t Presflo Cement Wagon  
B889000-B889029 1957-1961 14t Ferry Motor Car Van  
B889100-B889143 1958-1965* 5t Bocar * Built on carriage underframes
B889200-B889203 1955 14t Bogie Ferry Scenery Van  
B890000-B892499 1949-1950 12t Cattle Wagon  
B893000-B894299 1951-1953 8t Cattle Wagon  

Part 2

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