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TOPS code datasheet
Code/s: BBA
Description: 50ft Bogie Steel Wagon
Dates: 1974 to current
Numbers: 910000-910120, 910161-910365, 910367-910591
Build Notes:
Numbers Lot Builder Dates Design Notes
910000 3845 BR Shildon 1973 BB001A  
910001-910120 3857 BR Ashford 1975-76 BB001C  
910161-910365 3872 BR Ashford 1977 BB001B  
910367-910491 3871 BR Ashford 1976-77 BB001B  
910492-910591 3959 BR Ashford 1979-81 BB001F  

Comments: The BBA fleet was remarkably uniform until the mid-1990s. Modifications to suit specific loads then saw a variety of new TOPS codes applied (BEA, BIA (twice), BLA, BRA, BSA, BUA, BWA (twice) and BXA).

Date Qty
Built 551
3/86 551
3/91 551
2/92 548
3/93 548
2/94 544
11/97 256
12/05 308
2/08 308

BBA-A No ends
BBA-B Box section bolsters, no ends
BBA-C I section bolsters, no ends
BBA-F Original design
BBA-G No ends
BBA-H Box section floor bearers
BBA-S 6 inch floor bearers
BBA-T Thrall swing motion bogies

Design codes:
  Qty at
Design AARKND Notes 1994 1999 2008
BB001ABBA-?Prototype (910000) as built000
BB001BBBA-F910161-365/367-591 as built3001731
BB001CBBA-F910001-910120 as built1142433
BB001DBBA-GEx BB001B. No ends780
BB001EBBA-GEx BB001C No ends320
BB001FBBA-FEx BB001B from 910492-910591 range944838
BB001KBBA-SEx BB001C. 6 inch floor bearers044
BB001LBBA-SEx BB001B. 6 inch floor bearers055
BB001MBBA-TEx BB001B. New bogies012
BB001NBBA-HEx BB001B. Box section bearers011
BB001PBBA-HEx BB001C. Box section bearers011
BB001TBBA-AEx BB001C. Ends removed001
BB001UBBA-TEx BB001B. New bogies001
BB001VBBA-TEx BB001C. New bogies007
BB001XBBA-TEx BB001B. New bogies, I section bolsters001
BB002ABBA-BEx BB001B/C. Box section bolsters, ends removed0022
BB002BBBA-BEx BB001B. Box section bolsters, ends removed0077
BB002CBBA-CEx BB001B/C. I section bolsters, ends removed009
BB002DBBA-CEx BB001B. I section bolsters, ends removed001
BB002EBBA-TEx BB001B. New bogies, I section bolsters004
BB002FBBA-TEx BB001C. New bogies, I section bolsters007
BB002GBBA-CEx BB001B/C. I section bolsters0040
BB002HBBA-CEx BB001B/C. I section bolsters0017

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