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TOPS code datasheet
Code/s: HQA
Description: Autoballaster Hopper
Dates: 2001 to current
Numbers: 380001-380038, 380101-380214, 380301-380338, 380401-380410, 380501-380510, 380601-380630, 380701-380710
Build Notes:
Numbers Builder Dates Design Notes
380001-380038 Wabtec, Doncaster 2001 HQ001A Railtrack. All later to HQ001G
380101-380214 Wabtec, Doncaster 2001 HQ001C Railtrack. All later to HQ001H
380301-380338 Wabtec, Doncaster 2001 HQ001B Railtrack. All later to HQ001J
380401-380410 Wabtec, Doncaster 2004 HQ001F Network Rail
380501-380510 Wabtec, Doncaster 2004 HQ001D Network Rail
380601-380630 Wabtec, Doncaster 2004 HQ001E Network Rail
380701-380710 Wabtec, Doncaster 2006 HQ003A/B/C GB Railfreight/Metronet

Comments: Following from some conversions from KPA hoppers into JJA Autoballasters, a large number of new-build HQA Autoballasters were ordered from 1999 onwards. The design was very similar.

Date Qty
1998 0
2002 190
2004 240
2008 250

HQA-A Outer wagon. All later to HQA-G
HQA-B Outer wagon with generator. All later to HQA-J
HQA-C Inner wagon. All later to HQA-H
HQA-D Outer wagon
HQA-E Inner wagon
HQA-F Outer wagon with generator
HQA-G Outer wagon. Ex HQA-A
HQA-H Inner wagon. Ex HQA-C
HQA-J Outer wagon with generator. Ex HQA-B
HQA-K Outer wagon with generator
HQA-L Inner wagon
HQA-M Outer wagon

Design codes:
  Qty at
Design AARKND Notes 2008
HQ001A HQA-A 380001-380038. All to HQ001G c.2004 0
HQ001B HQA-B 380301-380338. All to HQ001J c.2004 0
HQ001C HQA-C 380101-380214. All to HQ001H c.2004 0
HQ001D HQA-D 380501-380510 10
HQ001E HQA-E 380601-380630 30
HQ001F HQA-F 380401-380410 10
HQ001G HQA-G 380001-380038. Ex HQ001A 38
HQ001H HQA-H 380101-380214. Ex HQ001C 114
HQ001J HQA-J 380301-380338. Ex HQ001B 38
HQ003A HQA-K 380701/380706 2
HQ003B HQA-L 380702-04/07-09 6
HQ003C HQA-M 380705/380710 2

Links: Profile of PIA/KPA Tiphook Hoppers and HQA/JJA Autoballasters

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