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TOPS code datasheet
Description: 2-axle Hopper Wagon
Dates: 1974 to current
Numbers: Various (see tables below)
Build Notes:
Numbers Builder Dates Design Notes
PR8201-8255 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1971 PG002A  
PR8256-8300 Charles Roberts, Wakefield 1975 PG007A  
PR8901-8918 Charles Roberts, Wakefield 1975 PG007A  
BSRV12500-12599 Procor/BREL Shildon 1979 PG014A Covered
PR14000-14024 Charles Roberts, Wakefield 1972 PG006A  
PR14025-14095 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1973-1974 PG006B  
PR14096-14151 Charles Roberts, Wakefield 1975 PG006A  
PR14176-14197 Procor, Wakefield 1979 PG013C  
AR14201-14224 Charles Roberts, Wakefield 1972 PG003A  
AR14225-14264 Charles Roberts, Wakefield 1974 PG004A  
PR14265-14319 Procor, Wakefield 1979 PG013D  
PR14320-14323 Procor, Wakefield 1979 PG015A  
PR14324-14332 Procor, Wakefield 1979 PG016B  
PR14333-14388 Procor, Wakefield 1980 PG013E  
TCS14400-14432 BREL Shildon 1973 PG008A  
DAVS14433 W H Davis 1976 PG009A  
PR14434-14466 Procor, Wakefield 1981 PG013E  
TBR14500-14522 Procor, Wakefield 1980 PG013G  
BRT14600-14654 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1974 PG005A  
TAMC14655-14687 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1974-1975 PG006E  
PR14688-14704 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1975 PG006B  
RLS14705 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1979 PG011A  
PR14706-14720 Procor, Wakefield 1978 PG013A  
PR14721-14749 Procor, Wakefield 1979 PG013B  
REDA14750-14780 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1978-1980 PG012A  
REDA14781-14788 Procor, Wakefield 1984 PG009B Or to 14786?
REDA14789-14799 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1985-1986 PG012A  
REDA14800-14839 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1978 PG012A  
TAMC14840-14870 Procor, Wakefield 1979-1980 PG016A  
TAMC14900-14921 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1979-1980 PG011B  
REDA16000-16031 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1988 PG019A  
REDA16032-16056 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1989 PG019B  
REDA16100-16103 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1988 PG020A  
REDA16200-16203 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1988 PG021A  
REDA16204-16213 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1989 PG021B  
REDA16300-16304 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1989 PG022A  
BSTE18000-18114 Standard Wagon, Heywood 1975 PG010A  
APCM19551-19589 BREL Shildon 1970 PG001A Built for BR but sold
DAVS19999 W H Davis 1981 PG017A PGO

Comments: The PGA code was applied to all 2-axle, un-covered hopper wagons, and it therefore covered a variety of designs. The majority were for aggregates traffic, and many of these have since been replaced by new bogie hoppers and opens. Four recodings have affected the PGAs. Firstly, some PAA covered hoppers had their roofs removed and became PGAs while some PGAs were fitted with covers and recoded PAA. Secondly, the 1990 TOPS code reshuffle saw the Redland Self-Discharge Train PGAs altered to PHAs. From 1993 many PGAs were sold to BR and recoded ZFA (later HGA). Finally the PGA-D wagons acquired by EWS in 2003 were recoded as HGA. Codes PGB and PGO were apparently issued but details are unknown.

Date Qty
1986 985 (all PGA)
1990 1005 (all PGA)
1998 741 (all PGA)
1999 722 (all PGA)
2001 690 (all PGA)
2006 395 (all PGA)
2008 294 (all PGA)

PGA-A 2-axle Aggregate Hopper
PGA-C 2-axle Aggregate Hopper
PGA-D 2-axle Limestone Hopper
PGA-E 2-axle Salt Hopper
PGA-F 2-axle Salt Hopper
PGA-J 2-axle Ironstone Hopper
PGA-L 2-axle Gypsum/Salt Hopper
PGA-M 2-axle Sand Hopper
PGA-P 2-axle SDT Aggregate Hopper. Recoded PHA-P in 1990
PGA-P (II) 2-axle Self-Discharge Ballast Hopper
PGA-Q 2-axle SDT Aggregate Hopper. Recoded PHA-Q in 1990
PGA-R 2-axle SDT Aggregate Hopper. Recoded PHA-R in 1990
PGA-S 2-axle SDT Aggregate Hopper with engine. Recoded PHA-S in 1990
PGB-E 2-axle Salt Hopper
PGO-M 2-axle Sand Hopper

Design codes:
  Qty at
Design AARKND Notes 1989 1999 2008
PG001 A PGA-L APCM19551-19589 39 0 0
PG002 A PGA-E PR8201-8255 ? ? 0
B PGB-E PR8221/8241 ? ? 0
C PGB-E PR8237 ? ? 0
D PGA-E PR8201-8255. Resprung PG002A ? ? 0
PG003 A PGA-C AR14201-14224 24 24 20
PG004 A PGA-C AR14225-14264 40 40 24
PG005 A PGA-C BRT14600-14627
B PGA-C BRT14628-14654
PG006 A PGA-A PR14000-14024/14096-14151
B PGA-C PR14025-14095/14688-14704
E PGA-C TAMC14655-14687 1
PG007 A PGA-L PR8256-8300/8900-8918 ? ? 0
B PGA-E PR8256-8300/8900-8918 1
PG008 A PGA-C or -L TCS14400-14432 2
PG009 A PGA-C DAVS14433
B PGA-C REDA14781-14786 6
PG010 A PGA-D BSTE18000-18114 85 6
B PGA-D SRW18500~18529. Ex PG010A 19 0
C PGA- SRW18500~18529. Ex PG010A 11 0
PG011 A PGA-C RLS14705
B PGA-C TAMC14900-14921
PG012 A PGA-C REDA14750-14780/14789-14839 71 62
B PGA-C REDA14789-14799 11
C PGA-C REDA14750-14772/14801-14833 range 9
PG013 A PGA-C PR14706-14720 2
B PGA-C PR14721-14749 28
C PGA-C PR14176-14197 22
D PGA-C PR14265-14319 23
E PGA-C PR14333-14388/14434-14466 13
F PGA-C PR14342-14381 36
G PGA-C TBR14500-14522 23
PG014 A PGA-J BSRV12500-12599 0 0 0
PG015 A PGA-C PR14320-14323 2
PG016 A PGA-C TAMC14840-14870 2
B PGA-C PR14324-14332
G PGA-C TAMC14840-14870
PG017 A PGO-M DAVS19999
PG018 A PGA-M BIS7957. Ex PAA
B PGA-M BIS7971-7974/7985-7989. Ex PAA
E PGA-M BIS7950-7956/7958-7960. Ex PAA
PG019 A PGA-P PR14337 1

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