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TOPS code datasheet
Code/s: PWA
Description: Bogie Vans (Fertiliser)
Dates: 1974 to 1990
Numbers: Various (see tables below)
Build Notes:
Numbers Builder Dates Diagram Design Notes
LS7001-7030 Gloucester RC&W, Gloucester 1967-1968 6/420 PW002A Built with curtainsides, rebuilt with doors in 1971.
LS7031-7048 BREL Ashford 1971-1972 6/??? PW001C  
LS7049 Procor, Wakefield 1975 6/425 PW002D To replace written-off LS7013
LS7050 W H Davis, Langwith Junction 1975 6/424 PW010A Experimental (flat roof and stainless steel doors)
BRT7150-7166 BREL Ashford 1971-1972 6/421 PW001B  
BRT7167 BREL Ashford 1971-1972 6/422 PW001A Gloucester GPS bogies
BRT7168 Procor, Wakefield 1975 6/426 PW002E To replace written-off BRT7151
SSTR7300-7324 Procor, Wakefield 1975 6/423 PW002B  

Comments: The only user of PO bogie vans was Shellstar (later UKF, later Kemira), who employed a fleet of pallet vans for bagged fertiliser traffic. Most of the wagons were leased from Lloyds and Scottish or BRT, with 25 being owned outright. Documents suggest that LS7050 was actually owned by Procor (though built by W H Davis) so it may have carried a different prefix. The PWAs were recoded JWA in 1990 but were all withdrawn soon afterwards.

Date Qty
1981 92
1987 92
1989 92
1992 0

PWA-A Bogie Palvan, Solid Sides. To JWA-A in 1990

Design codes:
  Qty at
Design AARKND Notes 1989 1999 2008
PW001A PWA-A BRT7167 1 0 0
PW001B PWA-A BRT7150-7166 16 0 0
PW001C PWA-A LS7031-7048 18 0 0
PW002A PWA-A LS7001-7030 17 0 0
PW002B PWA-A SSTR7300-7324 25 0 0
PW002D PWA-A LS7049 1 0 0
PW002E PWA-A BRT7168 1 0 0
PW002F PWA-A LS7002-7030 range. Modified with new doors and flat roof (from 1984 onwards) 11 0 0
PW003A PWA-A LS7029, experimental gull-wing doors 1 0 0
PW010A PWA-A SSTR7050 1 0 0

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