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Fleet Data
An all-new version of this website is now available at These pages are no longer being updated.

Downloadable LTSV Documents
This page lists a series of documents that together contain the majority of the material available on this website. They are available for download as PDFs using the links in the table below. Click on the links to view the documents, or right-click to save them to your own PC. Examples of the page layouts for each section are shown at the bottom of this page. Note that the files containing the photos are rather large so as to retain a reasonable image quality level.

Also included is a spreadsheet containing the main vehicle details. This is available in Microsoft Excel format (XLS), and includes guidance notes on sorting etc.

New issues of each document will be produced periodically, and if you have any comments or suggestions about their content I would be interested to hear from you (
These documents are being made available because two other plans proved to be unworkable. The first was to make a new "comprehensive" service vehicle book, to follow-up on the SUP-15B publication produced for LOTS in 2005. The greatly increased quantity of information (both in terms of the number of vehicles and the amount of detail) meant that a printed book would not be viable. The second plan was to make a copy of the LTSV website available for download. As well as allowing off-line viewing, this would have acted as a distributed back-up in case something happened to me or to the website. I looked at various options for achieving this but in the end decided that they were too technically complex.

So I thought of making the bulk of the content of the LTSV website available as downloadable PDF documents. Although this loses much of the functionality (eg sorting vehicles), it allows the data to be "preserved" and also makes it easier for users to print out the content if they wish (but buy some extra ink first!).
TitleIssueCorrect toPublishedPagesSizeLink
Part 1 - Basic Fleetlist220/10/201620/10/20161825.0 MB
Part 1x - Basic Fleetlist as Excel Spreadsheet101/03/201513/03/2015n/a4.7 MB
Part 2a - Detailed Fleetlist - Vehicles 1 to 2603101/03/201513/03/20156497.8 MB
Part 2b - Detailed Fleetlist - Vehicles 3000 to 5999101/03/201513/03/20154276.9 MB
Part 2c - Detailed Fleetlist - Vehicles 6000 to 7999101/03/201513/03/20152726.2 MB
Part 2d - Detailed Fleetlist - Other central fleet vehicles101/03/201513/03/20155335.8 MB
Part 2e - Detailed Fleetlist - Bus Companies and others101/03/201513/03/20153216.8 MB
Part 3a - Photos 1 to 500 (2003/2004)115/04/202115/04/202115020.5 MB
Part 3b - Photos 501 to 1000 (2004/2005)118/04/202118/04/202114721.1 MB
Part 3c - Photos 1001 to 1500 (2005/2006)114/05/202114/05/202114329.8 MB
Part 3d - Photos 1501 to 2000 (2006/2007)101/03/201530/06/201513031.8 MB
Part 3e - Photos 2001 to 2500 (2007/2008)101/03/201509/04/201513133.6 MB
Part 3f - Photos 2501 to 3000 (2009/2010)101/03/201509/04/201513032.9 MB
Part 3g - Photos 3001 to 3500 (2010/2011)101/03/201513/03/201512932.8 MB
Part 3h - Photos 3501 to 4000 (2011/2012)101/03/201513/03/201513238.5 MB
Part 3i - Photos 4001 to 4500 (2012/2013)101/03/201513/03/201513033.7 MB
Part 3j - Photos 4501 to 5000 (2013-2015)128/06/201530/06/201512833.9 MB
Part 3k - Photos 5001 to 5500 (2015-2017)110/04/202110/04/202113738.9 MB
Part 3l - Photos 5501 to 6000 (2017-2019)113/04/202113/04/202114333.2 MB
Part 3m - Photos 6001 to 6500 (2019-2020)118/04/202118/04/202115732.8 MB
Part 3n - Photos 6501 to 7000 (2020-2021)117/11/202117/11/202116131.9 MB
Part 4 - Locations, News and Forum101/03/201513/03/20151952.4 MB

Examples of typical page layouts

Part 1
Basic List

Part 2
Detailed List

Part 3

Part 4
Locations etc