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Welcome to LTSV, the premier source for information on road anciliary vehicles of London Transport and its successors.
About LTSV
This website is designed and maintained by Tom Young as a free service to anyone interested in the road support "service vehicles" of London Transport and its successors. Although some official information is received, the site is not connected to any of the companies or organisations mentioned.

The site was launched in October 2003 and was upgraded to a PHP/MySQL-driven design in October 2005. As a first venture into dynamic websites there are bound to be a few glitches and errors. Please use the forum or the e-mail link above to report any that you find.

For more info, see the about page.

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Site News
04/09/2017: Tom has been busy preparing a new S.V. fleet book for LOTS recently which has delayed some updates. However, a computer problem last Friday has knocked some of his equipment out of whack. Any items fo... More
Fleet News
25/09/2017: More Toyota Prius cars have been delivered, one (8567T) being an up-market model and a possible replacement for LT63WXS at Hearne House. The LT Museum has also gained LTM008, a Fiat Ducato (Numbers 00... More
Fleet Data
Information on 12851 vehicles is included. Latest addition is LK67YBU Toyota Prius Car.
5476 photos have been uploaded (latest additions are shown to the left), plus details of 5 more to be found elsewhere.
20 are available. Latest addition is Downloadable London Transport Archive Documents by Thomas Young, 01/06/2016