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Downloadable London Transport Archive Documents
London Transport kept fairly detailed records of most of its activities and, fortunately for us, a lot of the documents have survived. There are four main groups of documents relating to service vehicles, as follows:

Variation Sheets: These were issued most working days and listed all changes to the road vehicle fleet. Naturally the bulk of the content was buses, though service vehicles were well covered, especially in terms of additions and disposals. Coverage of SVs reduced in the early 1980s (leased vehicles were never included) and finished in 1986. Almost 20,000 variation sheets covering most of the period from 1944 to about 1995 were scanned by John Marshall several years ago. Following the closure of his Picasaweb galleries, these documents can now be found in a new branch of LTSV at

Advice Books: These were hand-written ledgers containing all changes within the service vehicle fleet. The contents should tie-up with those on the variation sheets, but this was not always the case. Three books are in existence, covering the period July 1939 to February 1963 and these will be added here in due course.
Registers: These were periodically issued documents listing the then-current service vehicle fleet, usually with allocation details and broken down by operating department. Separate documents covered the private car fleet. Various registers covering the period 1939 to 1990 are available and will be added here.

Vehicle Record Cards: These are index cards (one per vehicle) giving full technical and operational details for each vehicle, including all allocations and disposal details. They were used from at least the mid 1920s until the mid 1960s. It is intended in the future to add record cards to the relevant records in the vehicle database on this website. I will also add documents containing collections of cards to make downloading simpler. These will be listed here.

Most of the documents below are held by the Omnibus Society in their archive at the LT Museum Depot in Acton. The pages were photographed and the information contained was used to update the vehicle database. I am now in the process of enhancing each image and grouping them into PDF collections to enable them to be downloaded. This is quite a labour intensive job so it may take a while. Any comments would be welcomed and can be e-mailed to

Advice Books
Sorted by date
Advice Book for Miscellaneous Vehicles1939-194801/06/2016118106 MB
Miscellaneous Advise Book (sic)1948-1956Soon   
Miscellaneous Advice Book1956-1963Soon   

Sorted by date
Miscellaneous Vehicle Register01/11/194601/06/20161312.9 MB
Miscellaneous Vehicle Register01/05/196910/09/2016146.9 MB
Miscellaneous Vehicle Register01/08/197010/09/2016178 MB
Register of Private Cars18/04/197201/06/201653 MB
Miscellaneous Vehicle Register01/09/197201/06/20162212.5 MB
Register of Private Cars01/02/197301/06/201652.7 MB
Miscellaneous Vehicle Register01/01/197401/06/20162010.7 MB
Miscellaneous Vehicle Register05/197801/06/20163017.8 MB
Miscellaneous Vehicle Register04/198301/06/20162011.8 MB
Register of Miscellaneous Vehicles30/01/198601/06/20162719.2 MB
Register of Business Cars12/02/198601/06/20161612.0 MB
Fleet Listing - Distribution Services23/04/199001/06/20163310.2 MB

Vehicle Record Cards
Sorted by vehicle fleet/registration number
Numbered vehicles 1E to 50Z01/06/20169331.5 MB
Numbered vehicles 51Z to 100N10/09/20167623.1 MB
Numbered vehicles 101N to 150B10/09/20167020.3 MB
Numbered vehicles 151D to 200C17/01/20176721.5 MB
Numbered vehicles 201C to 250M17/01/20179030.1 MB
Numbered vehicles 251M to 300M17/01/20179329.0 MB
Numbered vehicles 301M to 350X17/01/20178022.8 MB
Numbered vehicles 351X to 400W13/05/20208322.3 MB
Numbered vehicles 401W to 450W13/05/20208323.1 MB
Numbered vehicles 451W to 650J13/05/20207623.2 MB
Numbered vehicles 651J to 796F13/05/20208428.0 MB
Numbered vehicles 809B to 900AS13/05/20205519.1 MB
Numbered vehicles 901AS to 991AS13/05/20205317.8 MB
Numbered vehicles 1009J to 1100F13/05/20206119.2 MB
Numbered vehicles 1101AS to 1452AS13/05/20203716.2 MB
Pre-1939 numbered vehicles, B1809 to NY1313/05/20205816.0 MB
Pre-1939 numbered vehicles, TV1 to TV31 (Trojan vans)01/06/20163111.7 MB
Pre-1939 numbered vehicles, V1 to V50 (LGOC vans)01/06/20165013.3 MB
Un-numbered vehicles BM9201 to YX549413/05/20206416.0 MB
Un-numbered vehicles AYV800 to VMM76313/05/20203810.0 MB
Private cars EV6814 to YX675913/05/20206616.8 MB
Private cars AGP63 to CXX42513/05/20208124.5 MB
Private cars DGX361 to FYW40013/05/20206620.0 MB
Private cars GRA886 to MXX49813/05/20207220.2 MB
Private cars NLE782 to SLT10013/05/202010930.1 MB
Private cars TXV832 to TXV89613/05/20204514.6 MB
Sweepers RL1 to RL32 (Redshaw Listers)01/06/2016329.3 MB
Trailers and un-registered vehicles13/05/2020103.9 MB

Additional notes about Vehicle Record Card documents
1. The documents are incomplete, as the project to photograph all the record cards is still ongoing (though suspended at present due to lack of access to the museum). Some cards are missing, particularly from the later periods (1950s/1960s).
2. A few photographs are low quality (dark and/or fuzzy) and will be replaced in due course.
3. Most cards are double-sided (some from the 1960s were single-sided). The documents have been arranged so that both sides of double-sided cards appear on the same page.
4. Some vehicles had 2 (or even 3) cards during their careers. These are arranged in chronological order.
5. Cards are 'filed' by the vehicle's final number. For example, the card for Morris van M33 will be found under its later number of 266M. The card for M34 is in the pre-1939 documents, since M34 did not get a new number.
6. Some of the vehicles (and some of the details of other vehicles) are not yet included in the main database.