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This page gives details of new features and functionality on this website. Note that it does not include additions and changes to the content data; this will be covered on a separate page.
21st January 2021
A whole raft of page updates have been published, many of which are minor or invisible (these being for admin purposes). However, there are some changes worth mentioning.
Users can now add Sightings: Either singly or in mutiple
Users can now add Listings
The visibility of unapproved Sightings and Listings is now dictated by your log-in (as with Notes): Approved and semi-approved items will be visible to anyone. Unapproved items will only be visible to Contributors (so that they can approve them) and the original poster. Rejected items will only be visible to the person who originally posted them and the person who rejected them
The approval status of Sightings and Listings is indicated by coloured balls: This will make it easier for contributors (and admin) to find items that are awaiting approval.
The Additions page (in the News menu) has been added: Use this to view the most recently added records in a variety of tables (e.g. batches, listings etc).
1st January 2021
To start with, here is a summary of how LTSV Rail Data differs from the previous website; LTSV Wagons.
More Photos: Up from 3,391 to 5,254 with more being added all the time. The focus is still on wagons but locos, coaches and multiple units are also now included.
More Data: The data tables on numbering and classification now also include locos, coaches and multiple units in addition to wagons.
New Data: There are now tables listing lot numbers, design codes/diagrams, pools etc, plus sightings, drawings and dimensions.
More Detail: Information can be added against individual codes and numbers.
More Up-to-date: The new site has been designed to make it much easier to add and update the information.
More Reviews: Reviews have been added for more books, magazines and websites, all now with lots of page samples.
More Interactive: Users will be able to add their own information, comments and sightings. These features are being introduced in stages
Easier to read: Using the Site Settings page, users can specify the colour scheme and font size, and can add highlighting of numbers and TOPS codes.